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Under the counter delights

The government’s latest effort to inconvenience shop assistants has come into force today.

A ban on the display of tobacco products means that cigarettes will now be hidden from view in supermarkets, but not newsagents. 530 more words


Cig-nature Move

At last I’ve found a product which totally eliminates the craving for cigarettes. Heroin.

So the English have banned showing¬†tobacco in larger stores. Because obviously if smokers can’t fucking see it, they won’t fucking want it. 92 more words


You can disagree with the evidence, but you shouldn't pretend it doesn't exist in the first place

Not too long ago Philip Davies stood up in the House of Commons during a Health debate with  new Health Secretary Andy Burnham and opposed the banning of tobacco display in stores, claiming there was no evidence that it would reduce children smoking and instead would make things harder for small businesses during the recession. 515 more words