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Tobacco Flags Quilt

I took a break from hand quilting the last few days to finish the Tobacco Flag Quilt.

I wrote about these quilts previously, see posts… 308 more words



I love this glider.   It works through the use of channels in which the feet move.  It is unusual among the gliders that we own.  The blanket folded on the glider  was started by an unknown person stitching many “tobacco felts” together.  194 more words

Tobacco Flag Quilt Progress

Today I decided to spend some time working on the tobacco flag quilt.  (See the posts here and here for more information)

I have six rows finished (about a dozen to go).  145 more words


Nothing is ever on TV

Why is it that I have 100 channels of cable TV and there is nothing to watch?  I think perhaps we have become spoiled.  What did they do 100 years ago when they were sitting down to work on a quilt after dinner?  141 more words