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Pioneers lives to fight another day


Pierre Mitchell scored 20, Spider (6-foot-8 Deante Johnson) had 16 points and 10 rebounds and Gary (Solomon) had 14 points and 10 rebounds.”


Tuning In - Spirit Channelers in America

For the very first time, six of America’s prominent channelers are featured in the same film in order to gain insight into the phenomenon of channeling, as well as the information being received. 374 more words


Black Lightning |Episódio 2 | Temporada 1

Nesse episódio vemos Jefferson relutando para voltar para sua vida de Herói, Jennifer começa a ir para o lado da bebida e cigarros, ela começa a namorar, Anissa já tem uma namorada e começa a ter surtos dos poderes. 253 more words

Book Review - ‘Four’ a Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth

“I am not Tobias Eaton, not anymore, never again. I am Dauntless.”

‘Four’ transports you once again into the world of the Divergent series but this time it tells the story of… wait for it… Four aka Tobias Eaton.

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My Neighbour: The Magi and the Dog

And Tobias went forward, and the dog followed him, and he lodged the first night by the river of Tigris.

-Book of Tobit 6:1 (Douay-Rheims Bible)

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The Path Ahead - 3.03

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Alice POV

I felt woozy as woke up. Like that time I had drank some of the stuff Pa did when I was younger. 4,284 more words


EVAN BARTELS and the STONEY LONESOMES – " Tattoo / Run Like The Devil "

Hailing from Southeast Nebraska, Bartels and his band of brothers, The Stoney Lonesomes are making honest, hard hitting, Americana Rock that is not easily forgotten. 195 more words