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Tobit meets and blesses his daughter-in-law (Tob 11:16-11:18)

“Then Tobit, rejoicing and praising God, went out to meet his daughter-in-law at the gate of Nineveh. When the people of Nineveh saw Tobit coming, walking along in full vigor and with no one leading him, they were amazed. 237 more words

Tobit praises God for healing his eyes (Tob 11:14-11:15)

“Then Tobit said.

‘Blessed be God!

Blessed be his great name!

Blessed be all his holy angels!

Blessed be his holy name

Throughout all the ages. 98 more words

Raphael wants Tobias to anoint the eyes of Tobit (Tob 11:7-11:8)

“Raphael said to Tobias, before he approached his father.

‘I know that his eyes will be opened.

Smear the gall of the fish on his eyes. 84 more words

The reaction of Anna (Tob 11:5-11:6)

“Meanwhile Anna sat looking intently down the road by which her son would come. When she caught sight of him coming, she said to his father. 57 more words

The plan to heal Tobit’s eyes (Tob 11:1-11:4)

“When they came near to Kaserin, which is opposite Nineveh, Raphael said.

‘You are aware of how we left your father.

Let us run ahead of your wife. 122 more words

TIME: Esmeralda

TIME : Discovery, TIME : Reunion , TIME: Dan These are the links you need to see before today’s post in their order. If you’ve not seen them that is. 641 more words


Tobit prepares for death (Tob 4:1-4:4)

“That same day, Tobit remembered the money which he had left in trust with Gabael at Rages in Media. He said to himself. ‘Now I have asked for death. 204 more words