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I have FEELS from the movie, and more specifically for Tris and Four i ship them so much lol. Great job casting the actors/actresses

I just watched Insurgent yesterday. 143 more words


Divergent. Simply fantastic!!! Brilliant, perfect, exciting and whatever not! I LOVED this book so much. And I really recommend it to anyone who likes adventures or love stories or mysteries… 343 more words


Chapter 4: Secrets


Eileen has a dilemma, an unusual one at best. Home for the summer, someone visits that surprises her and finds her frantic to hide who she really is. 5,199 more words


Allegiant Spoilers! 

Hi Guys,

Just for the heads up there’s going to be spoilers below on what happens in Allegiant part of the Divergent series.

I was recently listening to Beating Heart – Ellie Goulding which is the soundtrack of Divergent. 125 more words

Two Faced

First short story in a few months. Tell me what you think of Ryker! I appreciate questions and comments in my ask about anything I write. 1,900 more words


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant is the third and final addition to the Divergent trilogy. The story opens with Tris in jail after revealing the secrets of the city in a video to the rest of the residents. 231 more words


Tobias Lundgren - The Bulls Eye

Heya folks – I ve been given a worksheet to do by my therapist – on values clarification… just wondering if anyone else has heard of it or done it? 10 more words