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The longest five days...Operation Compass, 9th December 1940

When we think of the early months of the Second World War we often focus on the setbacks suffered by the Allies in Europe including the disastrous fall of France and the heroic rescue of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk. 1,505 more words


MP Ali Saidi From Libya's House Of Representatives Tells Italian Press What Marshal Khalifa Hafter And Tobruk Want From Italy

(Picture: MP Ali Saidi from the Libyan House of Representatives. Source: La Stampa)

by Alessandro Pagano Dritto (Twitter: @paganodritto)

 Interviewed by journalist Francesco Semprini last October 30th, MP Ali Saidi from Libya’s  909 more words


German tank flag signals

This document is from the war diary of the H.Q. of 7 Armoured Division, December 1941. It’s the first time I have seen this, and it is unusual in that it is in colour. 138 more words


Are there no countries in Africa?

I watched a coming-of-age film a few years ago about 20-something Americans who always dreamt of going to Africa, though their lives are limited and they have few opportunities to get out of the humdrum. 835 more words


The Italian Communist Party Calls For Siding With Marshal Khalifa Hafter

(Picture: Marshal Khalifa Hafter, filed pic. Source: Sputnik News)

by Alessandro Pagano Dritto (Twitter: @paganodritto)

 Last September 15th, 2018, Fosco Giannini from the national secretary… 933 more words