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Tremble by Tobsha Learner

Tremble, by Tobsha Learner

Breathtaking, Mind blowing, Magical Sex

A Review by Ohana Kitten

“Tremble” is a collection of short stories. I picked itup for light reading before bed. 438 more words


"Soul," by Tobsha Learner: the Misuse of Science

Soul is a thoroughly captivating novel by Tobsha Learner. Since I read it a few years ago, I continue to think about it because of the way it explores questions about humanity and the way our genetics influence our identity. 806 more words

Book Reviews

Lusting after the TV weather man - 'Yearn' by Tobsha Learner

I loved the cover of Yearn so much I just had to pick it up. The voluptuous, tattooed woman floating with a crimson parasol had the allure of the off-beat. 389 more words

Lisa Walker

The Plush Velvet Lining of Clouds

A weekly series of riffs in 200 words.

As an author, it is sometimes disheartening to visit bookstores, ready to introduce yourself and offer to sign some books or assist in promoting your book, only to find it isn’t stocked. 188 more words

200 Words

173: The Glass Mermaid

Tobsha Learner’s The Glass Mermaid is a domestic drama with paranormal threads. Sara has come back to the island home she used to live in with her husband Karl. 413 more words


I see you Quiver in antici....pation

I haven’t blogged about new book purchases for a while because I haven’t been able to afford new books :(
I recently adopted a little miniature Schnauzer called Tia who had a sad history; she was found in an abandoned house, covered in ticks and still producing milk from a recent litter of puppies. 352 more words