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Instant reaction post: “Sherlock” S4, Ep3 ‘The Final Problem’

From the brief smattering of reactions that I saw on the internet, this season?series? finale has got really mixed reviews, with tons of people who hated it and tons others who loved it. 515 more words


Elementary, my dear: Benedict Cumberbatch is the greatest Sherlock Holmes of all time

Shadowy agents, serial killers, secret histories and a grief counsellor who was actually Sherlock Holmes’s long-lost sister. For three weeks, fans of the high-functioning franchise had their brains scrambled by a succession of revelations, riddles and red herrings. 1,044 more words


Sherlock: Fair to Middle Episode

DATELINE:  Lying Down on the Job

The middle episode movie for Sherlock 4 features Toby Jones, our favorite diminutive character actor, in rare form as evil. 287 more words

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Ranking All Thirteen Episodes of Sherlock

And there we have it for another four years (and maybe more). Another season of Sherlock is over. Although rumours of a fifth season are circulating widely, the finale of season four had an obvious note of finality to it, suggesting that Moffat and co. 1,108 more words

Benedict Cumberbatch

Is Sherlock really not as good as it used to be?

Note: This post assumes the reader is up-to-date with the most recently aired episode of Sherlock, Series 4, episode 2, “The Lying Detective,” and includes detailed discussion of important plot points and previous episodes. 2,634 more words

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USA: Watch Sherlock: The Lying Detective by Jan. 22

Americans! Watch the new episode of Sherlock, “The Lying Detective,” featuring Toby Jones, for free on the PBS website before the video expires January 22. Watch here.