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Yet Another Movie to Avoid

Spoiler alert? Actually, this whole review is intended to be a spoiler. This 2016 version of Witness for the Prosecution is just another exercise in postmodern futility and radical despair: totally rancid. 310 more words


Mr. Gaul And Dream Sharing/Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream đŸ˜”

For the second night in the row since the Orgonise Africa medium Orgonite Pyramid M that I ordered last year during the Christmas holiday(s) during a 30% off sale finally arrived, I have had some of the most intensely detailed interesting dreams of the year so far, which may be a coincidence but who knows. 1,981 more words


John Curran In Talks To Direct Lou Pearlman TV Series

EXCLUSIVE: John Curran is now in talks to develop and direct the TV series planned about Lou Pearlman, the manager/producer of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys who was also running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors out of about $300M dollars. 218 more words

Breaking News

Sherlock Series 4 First Impressions.

After a two-year long wait, Sherlock fans were rewarded with the series 4 debut on New Years Day 2017, with an episode titled ‘The Six Thatchers’. 329 more words


10 (more) fictional character addresses in London – 3. 32 Brett Street, Soho...

The rather grim Adolf Verloc, the smut purveyor-come-spy and main protagonist of Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent (recently made into a BBC series starring Toby Jones), lives in a residence attached to a small shop in Soho. 169 more words

Twentieth Century

TV Review: 'Witness for the Prosecution' on Acorn TV

Last year’s Agatha Christie miniseries “And Then There Were None,” which was viewed by approximately six people on Lifetime, was so delicious that it whetted the appetite for more high-end adaptations of the mystery novelist’s works. 503 more words


The man who knew infinity (Matt Brown, 2015)

The man who knew infinity, directed by Matt Brown (2015).

Score: mediocre.

The man who knew infinity is a biopic about Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician who made major contributions to mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions. 714 more words