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What Are You Saying?

To be honest, one thing about me is that when something happens in my life, something major, I instantly go into panic, worry, freak-out mode. I begin to think negative thoughts and even sometimes speak negatively. 432 more words


You rescued me and I am Yours forever.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of relationship I have with You this year and how to strengthen that relationship. We talked in bible study on Sunday about how it has to be an active pursuit towards You. 765 more words


Lyric Lines: "Beyond Me" by Toby Mac

When the New Year started, my goal was to post on this site every other week.  Since over two months have passed since I last posted, obviously I have been rather unsuccessful.  406 more words

Lines On A Staff

Way Beyond Me

Parents start their children off by putting things beyond their reach.  Maybe it’s a rattle that they shake in front of them instead of giving it to them.   459 more words

Spiritual Growth

Seth & Nirva Ready Ransom Note

URL: http://youtu.be/YLGg2GeDBX8

Seth and Nirva Ready are a Christian singing duo who are taking the good news to the world. Last spring or summer, I actually was looking for new music on iTunes when I stumbled across their album. 158 more words