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Being On The Internet

With the recent Toby Turner scandals emerging from the consistently glorious Keemstar conveyor belt, the rapidly ensuing discussion had me thinking to myself about the kind of person Toby is, and also what it means to be popular on the internet in the age of YouTube. 1,334 more words


When We Were Assholes: In Defence of Context

Our social climate is perpetually changing, whether it’s the trudge towards racial equality, LGBTQ+ rights, or the proliferation of the emoji, there’s a constant intangible evolution of the way we interact with and respond to one another. 820 more words


Tobuscus's Career is Dead - UPDATED

UPDATE 4/11/2016:

Take from this as you will, but at the current time Toby Turner is denying all rape allegations and claims from the woman. I’m assuming he took his time with his reponse to get lawyers involved and other legal troubles because if… 635 more words


YouTube is launching an ad-free subscription service; top YouTubers forced to comply

YouTube is officially launching a subscription service after ten years of offering free content.

Last night I wrote about the multiple ways YouTube and content creators are exploiting viewers, and today’s announcement of YouTube is a prime example. 1,154 more words


UPROXX 20: Dinner At Toby Turner's House Would Like Involve Egg McMuffins And Sriracha

Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) is a comedian and host perhaps best known for being a YouTube personality, where he has amassed over 15 million subscribers. 462 more words


Toby Turner Of Tobuscus Games Studios Talks New Game 'Mine The Diamond'

Toby TurnerFounder & Creator of Tobuscus Games Studios which is releasing Mine The Diamond, it’s second game for iOs, tomorrow, June 18, 2015… 704 more words