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What Is Chinese Culture To You?

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To summarize, the author of this TOC article, was interested in learning more about Chinese culture at the tender age of 12, but was later let down by all the hollowness and superficial pageantry he encountered when he started taking lessons in Chinese culture at an elite school. 301 more words

Toilet Ban Raises Storm In A Teacup


According to this TOC article, Wisma Atria’s decision to bar contractors from using the same toilets as shoppers has caused an outpouring of anger against the shopping mall on the internet. 331 more words

Contradictions? People Living with OCD Don’t All Live in Pristine Homes

When the term OCD is used metaphorically, generally in a light-hearted conversation, it usually – if not always – refers to someone obsessed with cleanliness, patterns, symmetry, perfect organising skills. 3,752 more words

Non Classé

Facebook Removes The Shade Room For “Violating Community Standards”

The Shade Room is a thoroughly modern publication, existing nearly entirely where its audience exists — on social.

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To start with, I give thanks to Joseph A. Hopper Director India, TOC Institute – Mentor, Advisor, Coach, Dean – Sunstone Business School for valuable input and feedback he has been in the forefront to emphasize on the incentives resulting from the theory of constraints. 150 more words

Leadership & Management

Acure Organics Dầu gội và dầu xả cừ cỏ tranh và tế bào gốc Argan

CODE#HS-ACURE-LA     (dầu gội)

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Acure Organics ACURE ORGANICS LEMONGRASS + ARGAN STEM CELL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER| Dầu gội và dầu xả từ cỏ tranh và tế bào gốc Argan dành cho mọi loại tóc | 8 oz. 551 more words


Design | M&E graphics & report

Client: Impact Consulting/Rupert Education Trust

Project: Impact Consulting conducted a full M&E development process for their client, the Rupert Education Trust, an education-focused organization in the Western Cape. 70 more words