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Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Non-winning Finalists Who Should Return to the Game

With more than 30 finalists who have sat at Final Tribal Council and had a shot at the million dollars and who we have never seen return to play the game again, this week Noah Groves takes us through his non-winning finalists who he’d like to see return to the game. 1,722 more words


Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Fatherly Figures

In the game of Survivor one of the most important roles is that of the fatherly figure. Particularly amongst volatile tribes, a fatherly figure can provide the much needed stability and unification require to get a tribe to work together. 1,383 more words


Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 'Blue Collar' Survivors

Survivor has brought us an array of ‘blue collar’ types, and in the lead up to the season 30 premiere, our stately Englishman, James Pickering brings our 3 week series to a close by presenting his top 10 picks of quintessential blue collar contestants who have kept it real during their time on the show. 1,641 more words


Ações para Juventude Indígena são apresentadas em planejamento anual

O superintendente estadual de juventude do Tocantins, Ricardo Ribeirinha apresentou o planejamento anual  para os representantes da juventude indígena de diversas etnias do estado nessa quarta-feira, 28, na sede da Secretaria de Esportes, Lazer e Juventude. 295 more words

Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top Ten 'White Collar' Survivors

In many ways, one of the biggest themes of Survivor is based around white collar types. How will people handle living on an island, playing a cut throat strategic game when they are taken away from all the comforts and luxuries of home? 2,970 more words


Survivor Oz Top 10 - Top 10 Alliance Names

15 years of Survivor have brought us more alliances that we can count, but only a select few have been commemorated with a name, making them stay in our minds years on from when the season originally aired. 1,195 more words


Random Episode of the Week: Tocantins Episode 09-The Biggest Fraud in the Game

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time to bring you our RANDOM EPISODE OF THE WEEK from the mind of one of our Ozlets Clifton Gibbons! Each week Clifton will randomly choose an episode from the history of… 3,723 more words