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Food Review: Rainbow Drive-In (Honolulu, HI)

Hot, Cold, Rainy, Snowy…. the weather is just unpredictable. =0(

I propose that we all mind-fly to hot hot HAWAII and check out a hit spot for good ol’ fashion Hawaiian dining! 18 more words

Food Review: Pinkberry (L.A)

The new/old/now fad is….. health.. and for great reasons! =0) However, it’s pretty hard to always eat healthy and sometimes it’s not as …. fun as other craving-foods, eh?! 70 more words

Post 60-day Transformation Challenge (New Years Resolution)

Taking up this challenge has been very transformational.

It keeps getting easier day after day. I am lucky enough to have the greatest supporters (my family & friends) always there cheering me on. 207 more words

Beauty Review: TARTE's Maracuja Oil

Is this the right product for your skin type?

What you want to know before purchasing Marajuca oil by TARTE.

Click here for my very first “beauty review”.

How I keep my New Years' resolution with good taste

I enjoy a good drink every now and then….

you know…. the red stuff…. 23 more words

Food Review: Diddy Riese (L.A)

Food foood fooooood….. hows about some SWEET DESSERT REVIEW?!!!

Well…. you’ve got it!

Westwood Village (L.A) is serving it up old school with cookies, ice cream sandwiches, brownies at old school prices. 15 more words