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"Last Rites for Local Parishes: On the Decline of Catholic Chicago"

For roughly a year, I’ve been reporting on the closure of Catholic churches and schools around Chicago. I’ve built on that reporting to write a longer commentary on what’s happening in Pilsen at St. 151 more words

Blogpost "Een juridische revolutie tegen religie?"

“Op 27 juni 2019 verdedigde Barry W. Bussey in Leiden zijn proefschrift over de juridische revolutie die zich volgens hem nu in het Westen voltrekt: een revolutie tégen religie. 398 more words


Leveling and conformity

Anthony Kronman, former Dean of Yale Law School, got triggered by an episode at Yale that to a lesser mind would have provoked merely a bit of tongue-clucking about “precious snowflakes” or some such thing. 574 more words


Anti-Intellectual Skepticism

Recently, I’ve begun working my way through Alexis De Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. I have considered it a personal point of embarrassment that I have not read this work in its entirety. 1,844 more words

Neoliberalism and Religion

Neoliberalism is an ideology that tends to absorb spheres of life that previously stood apart from economics and politics. This is a discussion, focusing on American Christianity, of how religion can become absorbed into neoliberal economic and political agendas and mimic Neoliberal marketing and management techniques. 37 more words

Tocqueville’s Critique of Socialism (1848) - Online Library of Liberty

Tocqueville on Socialism

Translated by RONALD HAMOWY*

Translator’s Note:

In February, 1848, the July Monarchy of Louis Philippe was overthrown, and the Second French Republic established. 3,703 more words

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