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Am I TOO Young ?!!

Am I TOO YOUNG? How could this happen to me? Why me?  Did I do anything to provoke this? Why, why, why ?

My first year of college, I was 18 and at the very end of my semester I got sick. 524 more words

Through Short Lived Experience

Today's Actual story

If you have had often received or just start an important sector coming from a ground-up, your major best one on one demands is to establish one’s name sold in the market place at your earliest convenience. 1,212 more words

The Wake-Up Call

“Man plans, G-d laughs.”  As previously written about, it’s not that I’m letting grass grow under my feet during these days of unemployment. Every day is jam packed with activity. 593 more words

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Being One of the Ladies that Lunch

For as long as I can remember, I have worked at least part time in something. Whether it was babysitting, arts and crafts counselor, freelance typist, hairdresser, secretary, administrative assistant, writer, editor, organizer, signage coordinator, something. 437 more words

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Today's Actual story

Is it possible to imagine a helpful adventure-filled employment? Have you got a desire for tourist as well as the travel around? Do you ever hunger for different events abroad in which do not link an individual right down as being a widespread 9-5 activity can certainly? 475 more words

Unemployment Keeps One Very Busy

I am sure that you have heard this before and I am here to say it again.  Being unemployed makes one very, very busy.  Everyone I have spoken to who has been out of work for the past 6 months says the same thing. 539 more words

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