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Audio: Novelist/David Letterman writer Bill Scheft talks tributes, plastic surgery and Jay Leno's voicemail

Greatest podcast guest of all-time Bill Scheft returns to talk about putting together a tribute to his wife and comic extraordinaire Adrianne Tolsch, a phenomenal new documentary about plastic surgery and a voicemail he recently received from Jay Leno. 99 more words


Ep. #41: Like the Time I Was Nearly Kicked Out of Little League Camp (w/Blake Wexler)

Few people have as much of an impact on your life in as short a period of time as your camp counselors. Some in good ways because they taught you something important (like how to talk to girls, or how to juggle), and some in bad ways (like teaching you about sexual activities before you were ready to hear about such things, or treating you differently because you were the camp director’s son, not that I’m thinking of anyone in PARTICULAR). 114 more words