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SVH #127: Dance of Death

“I could use your mother for a few other things as well,” Jonathan replied. “Like disciplining you.”

Estimated Elapsed Time: 2 weeks


Jessica and Jonathan are right where we left them: making out in his creepy, crumbling mansion.

1,056 more words
Sweet Valley High

SVT #118, No Escape!: Well, a Landslide Brought Them Down

Summary: SVMS thinks 12-year-olds enjoy caving, so they’ve arranged a field trip for the sixth-graders to explore some caves. Jessica couldn’t care less about the trip itself, but she’s interested in hanging out with Aaron. 938 more words


SVT #114, The Boyfriend Mess: You're 12! Stop Worrying About Love!

Summary: The couples from Young Love have gathered for their prize trip to Dizzy Planet. No one’s happy (except for totally-in-the-dark Todd, who thinks he’s going with Elizabeth, and Maria, who doesn’t mind spending the day with Patrick), since no one has matched with the person they wanted to be with. 994 more words


SVT #113, The Boyfriend Game: Let's Make a Date

Summary: The hottest show in Sweet Valley right now is Young Love, a dating show where middle-schoolers get to question three unseen potential suitors and then go out with them. 1,092 more words


SVT Super Edition #8, Jessica's First Kiss: Are We Out of the Woods Yet?

Summary: In the category of Things That Would Never Happen, the whole middle school is going on a mandatory week-long camping trip. I would fake mono or some sort of horrible injury so I wouldn’t have to go. 1,251 more words


SVT #105, Jessica's Lucky Millions: Jessica Is Officially a Golddigger

Summary: After watching a movie about people winning big in Vegas, Jessica becomes interested in the idea of becoming rich without having to, like, work. Dare to dream, Jess. 730 more words


SVT #104, Big Brother's in Love Again: More Like Big Bother

Summary: Steven has been happily dating Cathy for a while now, but when Joe starts talking about how being single allows him to date multiple girls, Steven starts to regret tying himself down (his words, not mine). 1,707 more words