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College Athletes and Signatures

College Athletes making money off of their likeness has not sit well with the NCAA for many years, and that ideology is still running strong today. 624 more words

Harley's Room

The kids’ rooms were the easiest part of the remodel for the most part because the only changes we made to them were cosmetic, and they really didn’t take a lot of work and time.   289 more words


Arkham Knight Reveal pt 1 The Criteria

I knew it I knew it .I swear I did
The Arkham Knight is…(drumroll pls)……


It is ……….Jason Todd A.K.A Red Hood… 161 more words

Kids' Bathroom

This is what the kids’ bathroom looked like before we started our remodel.  The linoleum on the floor wasn’t horrible looking, but the vinyl-type wall stuff was pretty bad.   594 more words


rockin' the suburbs

Last night, we were rockin’ the suburbs with a big neighborhood birthday bash for Todd and our neighbor Nicole.  A great local band performed and entertained us all… 33 more words


A Sunday Pamper : Face Mask Collection

Nothing is quite as relaxing at a face mask on a lazy Sunday afternoon –before you realize tommorow is Monday and all the stresses of the week ahead come flooding in- If you happen to be in the market for a new mask -or you’re just nosey like me- here are the ones currently occupying all my bathroom cupboard space. 667 more words


How Can I Become the Life of the Party?

By Todd!!!

Well, it’s not easy. Not everyone can pull it off, because there can be only one life of the party and that happens to be me. 73 more words