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Destination Pittsburgh - Day 2

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Bowling alley #2 was only twenty minutes from our hotel and we didn’t have to leave as early as the day before. 901 more words

Wedmin Day 17. Launch Day

Well not quite – But this is the day that all the invites go out so kinda.

After one million different potential looks, sizes, colours, fonts, wording, border styles, spell checks and me generally fiddling around on my computer trying not to through it out the window – the invites were sent to the printers. 45 more words

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Wedmin Days 14 - 16. Ahhh Paris!

The city of love, romance and Ratatouille the movie and also the place where I once saw a guy having a pee against the wall of the tube platform as people were standing and sitting all around him waiting for the next tube to come. 190 more words

Luke Todd

Destination Pittsburgh - Day 1 Continued

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After the bowling tournament, we drove through fairly steady rainfall back to the city. A weekend away together, alone, was a luxury we weren’t going to ignore and so planned to explore a bit and get some food. 1,095 more words

Destination Pittsburgh

Photo copyright The Tara Chronicles, 2016

Our road trip last weekend took us to Pittsburgh, PA for the state bowling tournament. Born and raised in southeastern Pennsylvania, I’ve only ever been to western PA once before and that was to Erie for the state tournament two years ago. 1,151 more words

Omar Todd - Cyber Security Tips For Small Businesses

Omar Todd has been involved in cyber security for more than thirty years, primarily in his role as the Chief Security Expert at Omar Todd Cyber Security. 428 more words

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Geico Shows A Marriage Proposal Interrupted By A Butt Dial

Butt dials…they happen occasionally. It seems like they’re much rarer now that most people have smartphones as opposed to phones with keys, but they still occur. 110 more words