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Episode 069 – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure (1991)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are righteous dudes dealing with a totally bogus game! From 1991, we’re playing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure… 259 more words


skipping scout family

These are the things a newly minted Eagle Scout can get his parents to do….skip back to their seats after presenting him with his award.  Today was Owen’s Eagle Scout ceremony….such a proud moment for us all.   50 more words


Palin Email to Trump: Never Apologize!

The following is a figment of my imagination.  Everyone reading would know that Sarah Palin doesn’t write or speak in complete sentences.


To:  the Donald… 552 more words

Email from Piper to Bristol: I'm Worried About Mom!

Sarah has posted 60 posts to her Facebook page since her  post of July 25th.  That was the last time she featured a picture of Trump and wrote an article about him.   598 more words

Todd Brouillette - Attracting New Clients

Todd Brouillette formerly worked as an Enterprise Account Manager for a major tech firm. He has helped bring in new customers for the company and assists those customers with all of their data storage needs. 215 more words


Trig is One of Bristol's "Babes"

If there is one topic that has dominated the blog-osphere regarding Sarah Palin, it is the suspicion surrounding the birth mother of Trig.  If there is one thing that Sarah and Bristol would be careful about, it would be any suggestion or indication that Trig is Bristol’s child, instead of her brother.   196 more words

Alice Springs: my regatta in the sand

The man at the hostel’s front desk is adamant that today of all days is the best in Alice Springs all year round. It’s the day of the Henley-on-Todd regatta. 528 more words