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Patterns in Nature and our Body Movement

“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns.  Patterns move in rhythms.  A human being is just that: energy, waves, patterns.  Nothing more, nothing less, a dance. 433 more words

Sun Salutation Variations

Tradition is great, but it’s important to get some variety in your moment.  Try this flow to warm-up, invigorate, and greet the day.  Enjoy :)

Timeline of Bristol/Dakota Publicity Stunt

Now that there is an announcement that the Engagement of Bristol and Dakota has been cancelled due to lack of interest in the media, let’s reflect on the timing of various events: 436 more words

Will Sarah Get Her Money Back on the Engagement Ring?

The ring has gone missing.

Inquisitr has published a story that confirms that Dakota Meyer was married to Cassandra Wain. Dakota’s attorney confirmed that the couple divorced in March of 2010. 201 more words

Challenges Day 7

Favorite Resort? 

Uhh, the Poly of course!! I mean, come on—it’s GORGEOUS and unique and everyone is insanely wonderful there!! ;D My unbiased answer would be Animal Kingdom Lodge, probably.  37 more words