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Episode 141 – Donkey Kong Country (1994)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are slingin’ barrels and pickin’ bananas with friend of the show Jovial John! From 1994, we’re playing Donkey Kong Country by Rare for the SNES. 279 more words


Todd Palin, Scarface, Used to Promote Sarah

To say that Sarah Palin uses her family to promote herself is an understatement.  From the moment Sarah hit the stage at the Republican Convention, she demonstrated her willingness to use even her own special needs child to gain publicity. 223 more words

A boyfriend returns (Rousse)

KA danced at the bottom of the staircase in a fluffy pink bolero. One year ago she hardly mentioned AO. Now he was here too. 60 more words

Episode 140 – I Can't Believe It's A Clip Show! Volume 01 (2018) (NSFW)

This week in Your Parents Basement! Usually, we separate the wheat from the chaff, but this week, it’s allllll chaff! From the musty corner bedroom of Your Parents Basement, we have a completely non-vidya game show, as it’s just some of the pre- and post-show banter from the Sweet Baby Boys! 264 more words


Episode 139 – Awards 2017 (2017)

This week in Your Parents Basement, we are discussing the best and worst of the games we played in 2017, with Sweet Baby Boy and Friend of the Show HAWK! 242 more words