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Stop growing up so fast!

15 months

Favorites: I love reading “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” before I go to bed. I am obsessed with songs that have hand motions, especially “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” I’ve even started singing my own rendition: “BWAAA BAHHH BWABAHHHHH.” 68 more words


Mom Moments: The Fall That Broke Me

It was a lovely Saturday morning. The birds were chirping Manhattan Bagel was filling our bellies. As the kids run and play, joy filled the air…until it was replaced by screams of fear and pain (mostly by me). 242 more words


Winter in Canada

Winter in Canada is a great time to…

1.  Bundle up

2.  Go skating

3.  Be silly

4.  Get creative

5.  Relax

6.  Learn to share… 83 more words


What I Did This Weekend - {2/20 - 2/21} Grandpa's House

Happy Monday!

Oh, man… this week was a good one!

Chris had to work all weekend, so on Friday after work, Harlow & I headed up to my parent’s house.  363 more words

Put on your socks

“Nathaniel, your feet are freezing! Go put on your socks.”

“But I don’t want to wear those socks!”

*He runs into the living room, trying to put on some socks he had on for church yesterday. 46 more words


Whanganui Playground Review: Virginia Lake

This is part of a series where I review local playgrounds in and around Whanganui.  Non-locals will want to skip this!

Virginia Lake is the crowning jewel in Whanganui’s tiara.   421 more words