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Crafts From Spare Parts

I do not label myself crafty because that would give someone the idea that I’m actually good at coming up with awesomeness from nothing.

However, I am a mom. 189 more words


Day 16 - Balanced

Day 16

Coming up with photos that are balanced causes you to look at everything differently.

I design and specify heat pump cooling and heating systems throughout residential, commercial and industrial projects. 151 more words

Black And White

The New Princess and the Tot

Well, as of January this year we have a new addition to the household! Our beautiful baby girl was born and brought to us on the 1st of the year! 520 more words


Liebster Award

Thank you so much To Knit or Knot for thinking of and nominating me for this award!  It is a nice honor.

The rules are: 602 more words


ALDI gets the mummy thumbs up!

I’m a stay at home mother to two kids under 2, my youngest is 6 months so only eating blended meals at the moment (but he would much rather eat a Fromage Frais). 244 more words


Giving me a run for my money

In true two-year-old, second-child fashion, Quinten proves to be a Handful. His personality fills a room. Literally. Either with physical movement or loudness. He talks all.the.time and runs everywhere. 615 more words


Potty Training Strategy

Here’s my plan for finally getting my son to pee in the toilet. You can find the whole story here. 277 more words

Potty Training