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Potty Training Tips - 2 years later...

I just read a blog I like, Peanut Butter Fingers, which mentioned potty training.  It occurred to me that I was in my “off season” during our potty training time frame.  953 more words

Life in April

It’s a cool and rainy April evening here. I don’t mind the extended winter. When the triple digit summer days come I long for cooler days! 768 more words


The Days are Long, but the Years are Short.

I started this blog when Harlow was 15 months old.  This weekend, she will turn 5.

F-I-V-E years old.

How did that happen, exactly?  Wasn’t I just lamenting about teething and sleep deprivation?  213 more words

Counting Buddy

The buddy counts to 10 with two small assists! Woot woot! Go hemy hem!!!



Little Goldfish

Miss C had her second-ever dance recital on Friday night and, from a totally non-biased perspective, let me just say that she totally nailed it! The dance was absolutely adorable, she looked like she was having a blast and it was just absurdly cute! 47 more words


'Is it because you can't manage two childs at once, mummy?'

As you may be aware, we have recently become parents for the second time. Everyone told us this would be hard and that going from one to two is a big change, but for us, the transition has been made exponentially easier with the help of our (pretty amazing) close family. 280 more words


Dinner conversation with son

Son : Am the King…

Me : Aha.. So who is your Queen… (Son looks lost ) She could be any girl whom you like the most..like your favorite. 97 more words