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Everyone should have an uncle Will. My little brother (not that little, 6’5″) was made to be an uncle. He’s got every cartoon voice down to an art, he has unlimited energy and he’s built for rough-housing. 206 more words

Toddler Antics

Heart Melter

My kiddo is the real Sweet Caroline. She’s just full of love. At Christmas, she said to my parents and siblings, after big hugs for everyone, “I really love you guys.” And she means it. 202 more words

Toddler Antics

I Can't Cut Pizza

I feel like I need to preface this post by saying my husband is incredibly hard-working, and I’m not just saying that because I married the guy. 450 more words

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That's Good! That's Bad! 2016 Edition

In true Step Brothers fashion, 2016 made me want to stand up in a crowd and yell, “This year is horse shit!” I do exercise some restraint though, believe it or not, and I’ve basically saved the drama for my mama (and my husband and my co-workers and my closest friends, sorry guys). 482 more words

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A 4yr gets a Hussy for his Grandma

Kids say some of the funniest things sometimes.  My mom and I were talking about things we wanted in the New Year. My son being nosey, listening in on our conversation and heard my mom say she want a husband. 144 more words


Hungry, Hungry

Both of my nurslings love their solid food. Nursling 1 has even sailed into toddlerdom without becoming too fussy about food. Most of the time this results in the satisfaction of empty bowls and messy grins. 223 more words

Toddler Antics

Cheap Entertainment

I used to know a lot about movies. For many years I worked as copywriter at a DVD distribution company, so writing film synopses was my jam. 241 more words

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