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Happy Halloween!!

It was my son’s first trick or treating this year. I don’t really let him have too many sweets but on this occasion, it’s different. I am lucky he doesn’t like any jelly/ gummy candy and anything hard he gives them to dad. 17 more words


Go the f*ck to sleep

Evelyn and I did our usual bedtime routine, followed by her usual avoiding sleep routine. But tonight was particularly entertaining.

Some of my favourite bedtime stall quotes from tonight are below. 211 more words


Microblog Monday: No lub you

Yesterday evening when I was brushing Evelyn’s teeth (the highest form of torture possible, according to her), she pushed my hand away and declared, “I no lub you, mommy!” 179 more words


Big Brother Rock

Rock can be bossy at times, especially when it comes to “his baby”.

His latest orders consists of the following:

  • Don’t touch my baby! (When he sees me rubbing my tummy)
  • 110 more words

RJ's Pearls

About 8 or 9 months ago, RJ came across my long strand of faux pearls. He immediately put it around his neck. Which surprised me, because I didn’t think he even knew what necklaces were for. 1,159 more words

That unexpected naked moment

A few days ago we were having a typical toddler day at home – tears and tantrums.

I can’t even remember if it was a work day or off day, but I needed to shower and Celeste was cranky and when she requested some crackers I gladly obliged. 470 more words

Moments In Life

Mummy Mondays - 19 month update

My 19 month old cutie patootie!

19 months old! – where did the time go? I know you probably always hear parents say that but it’s so true! 728 more words