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Mama Life Mastered

Another apology ahead; I have found myself slipping away from the blogging world because, well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve been totally rocking this mom thing. 422 more words

Where to draw the line

As a mother of an adorable, boisterous two year old diva, I find myself in a constant state of organized chaos. Why you may ask? 797 more words

Everyday Moments

This California girls is used to weather that remains consistent and Arlington is anything but consistent!  One day it is 80 degrees outside and the next it is 35 degrees and rainy! 32 more words

Life And Family

Success at the end of a day!

If you’re a parent, this is exactly how success is measured at the end of a day. Your child has spent all of his energy, has read a book with dad to wind-down, and is tucked cozily in bed. 35 more words

A few of their favorite things

Its important to me that I make a note of all the things my kids do and love, and that may some day frame who they are in as adults. 1,108 more words



Just a quick pre-dinner message to say…

I wonder which naughty toddler I’m going to find at the end of this trail?

Ironically paper towels, and toilet paper for that matter, are probably most cherished by parents and yet they can be our worst nemesis all in the same breath. 18 more words

Happy Halloween!!

It was my son’s first trick or treating this year. I don’t really let him have too many sweets but on this occasion, it’s different. I am lucky he doesn’t like any jelly/ gummy candy and anything hard he gives them to dad. 17 more words