Happy to Be Raising Bookworms

My kids are bookworms.   I love that fact.  My son took to books from the get-go but my daughter, however, took her time in coming around to reading.  265 more words


The Honest Toddler

Toddlerhood is full of dynamic and dramatic changes in emotions. But two is really fun… and Jasper has come up with some pretty awesome sayings that are now staples in our house. 204 more words

Toddler Reads: Ready for School

With the start of preschool just a few months away, books about school are a real hit in our house these days. Here are a few of our favorites. 271 more words

Kids Books

Toddler Books

Toddlers are super active… and can often be challenging to read with. Don’t give up! Look for books that are short in length, with pictures that catch your child’s interest, or silly books that get them laughing. 94 more words


Books for Spring

We sorted through our books last week making sure we had all the ‘spring’ themed ones out (Mother’s Day, Easter, farm, bug and rabbit stories mainly!) and put away some of the other books. 399 more words

Pregnancy + Parenthood

Making More Board Books

I’ve made some new board books.  One is called “October Fun”.  The other is called “Going to the Island”.  October Fun is written in the first person of Q because she hasn’t had her own book previously but C had some in first person from before she was born.  230 more words

Toddler Truck Books

As a mom of a toddler boy I am amazed at my son’s innate fascination with all sorts of transportation.  It is nothing I taught him, but he has a love for buses, fire engines, planes, cars, motorcycles, trains, bikes, bulldozers, and TRUCKS!  336 more words

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