What we're reading: March 

I wanted in this post to talk a bit about how we choose which books we bring into our home. Although we are a Montessori-inspired family, one of the areas I struggle with is books, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you as they relate to our family. 1,186 more words


Book Review-Usborne Touchy-feely books

The best way to introduce a toddler to books is through the touch and feel books.You might have introduced books earlier like when they were infant during the tummy time but the real test is when they are one plus and you try making them sit and enjoy the book.Today I will be reviewing the Usborne Touchy feely book’s that’s not my series. 320 more words


Elliott's Favourite Toddler Books - 20 months

Elliott loves books and, as a (sadly lapsed) bookworm myself I am so pleased! Find out what books he’s loving at the moment in this video… 123 more words

Toddler Valentine's Day Gift to Love

We are still stuck in the house with lingering coughs/congestion which always seem worse at night. We are watching way too much kids television and I’m struggling to stay positive. 231 more words

What we're reading - February

I can’t quite believe we’re in February already! Although we’re making the most of winter with frosty walks, hot soup, candles at every meal, lots of baking, and generally snuggling up with books or playing slowly with toys at every opportunity, I must say I’m starting to yearn for a bit more sunshine. 515 more words

18-24 Months

Favorite Children's Books

This week has been rough. Poor Cecy Kate came down with a fever-running nose-bad cough so my days were spent trying to help her while also attempting to explain why she can’t cough all over her 2 week old sister. 271 more words

Frugal Friday #2

Confessions of a shopaholic trying to fabulously raise a toddler on a budget.

What have I bought for Lizzie this week?

I think I have been quite good this week, for me. 354 more words