Dinos & Automobiles

My son and I love reading books. We read at least three books everyday. I started this blog to document the kind of books we read and also to help parents and caretakers find books to read for their little ones. 148 more words

Automobile Picture Books

What we love to read February 2016

In our house we read at least 3 books before nap time and at least 3 books before bed. Because we read so much I am always on the hunt for new books.   324 more words

What We Love To Read

Unexpected Stories

Last fall I had the fun job of creating illustrations for a series of four books for toddlers – each with an “unexpected story” about a cute and goofy animal character: a bear, a tiger, a dog and an elephant. 81 more words

Freya's favourite books (edition 1).

A couple of months ago we decided to change Freya’s bedtime routine because the old one clearly no longer worked.

In the past you could guarantee that, however bad the rest of the night was, she would always drop almost instantly off to sleep following bottle, bath then bed but it had got to the point where we’d put her down and she’d sometimes spend more than an hour playing up. 771 more words


Home Tour: Sebastian's Room

This is Sebastian’s room.  This is more of his playroom (and guest room) than his bedroom. My favourite person in the world still sleeps with us. 223 more words

Faith & Inspirations

Give a gift of magical stories

A gingerbread man that talks and runs, a porridge pot that comes to life, two mice best friends on an exciting adventure and a fairytale hairdresser who saves the day – just a few characters that star in our magical stories gift list.   143 more words