Like Mother Like Daughter

For those of you who know me and my predilection towards everything creepy, it won’t come as any surprise that my 2 year old daughter’s all time favorite book is about ghosts and skeletons, or that the one holiday she just can’t stop talking about (even in May) is Halloween. 17 more words


Elephant Tales

The beauty of reading is, it can take the reader to magical places and even back in time. The books I picked up in India, especially Gajapathy Kulapathy transports me to a village in India with simple people, who take pleasure in simple things. 117 more words

Picture Books

Sunday Book Club: A child's daily rhythm

There are so many beautiful books out there. One’s with an important moral message or peaceful story. One’s for learning new facts and amazing science ones. 452 more words


This Week's Good Buys for Young Kids

Parents are always on the lookout on what they can buy or give their children for learning, care, and development. Always the best for the family. 683 more words

Tina's Picks

#MyToddlerReads (1)

So many books, so little time. I thought it might be rather nice to share and document what she reads, please feel free to join in using the hashtag #MyToddlerReads and will attempt to do 3 books fortnightly :) She loves repetition but we do get through quite a few books from our local library and we tend to order quite a few online as well. 124 more words

Baby Tales

BABY | Books We Love 18-21 months - English

We had a slew of books arrive in our home this holiday season, and I have to say I’m always a bit antsy bringing new books into our routine. 415 more words


Green Eggs and Ham

Title: Green Eggs and Ham

Author: Dr. Seuss

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

Number of pages: 62

Type of Book: Fiction; Classic (first published in… 420 more words