Ruby's Favorites: a list of picture books for 2 year-olds

Here are ten or so picture books my two year-old daughter has checked out multiple times from the library and has asked me to read again and again during our bedtime stories. 818 more words

Book Review

Board but Not Boring.

When does the board book to paper book crossover usually take place?

Babystar is two and a half and we are still buying both.

We love our hardback paper-page picture books for reading together while sprawled on our bellies on the bed. 459 more words


November's Walker Books: Festive tales aplenty

A World of Cities by Lily Murray is a big book that you might struggle to fit into your Christmas stocking but which should fit under the tree quite comfortably! 430 more words


What we are Reading- November 

Since our last update we are still making use of the local library. Especially as we now have a bookworm in the family. 518 more words

Mummy Stuff

Books I recommend for under 2's

As an early childhood educator, I already had a bit of a children’s library before my son was even born. Here are some of my top picks from our collection for the under 2s and why I like them! 1,140 more words


“Where is Baby’s Turkey?”

Thanksgiving is almost upon us which means the enticing aromas of delicious food and the company of family and friends will soon fill many homes. 107 more words

An Authors Clever Crusade - Laurie S. Johnson

There once was a writer named Laurie S. Johnson who loved to pen children’s tales.

She wrote 10 colorful rhymes in less than 3 months time and began to plan her life trails. 176 more words

Early Reader