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When Your Child is THAT Child.

We all know what I mean when I say every dance class, every school classroom, every playgroup and soccer team has “that” child. The child that doesn’t pay attention, disrupts the group, is maybe even mean. 1,227 more words

That Parent Life

4 ways to avoid a post preschool meltdown

Layla LOVES preschool, but you wouldn’t guess it by the way she acts once she gets back home. Picture a crazed raccoon on its hind legs, fangs out and hissing for some fishy crackers. 362 more words

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I'm THAT Mom!

I had my first, very distinct, “I’m THAT mom!” experience. And, to be honest, I should have known better. I did know better. But I ignored my mom gut and did it anyway and paid the price. 553 more words


Pickles and Broken Glass.

My typical day is chaotic. From the time my 15 month old son wakes up at the ass-crack of dawn (5:30AM) to the moment that I binge watch Game of Thrones for a solid episode and a half before retiring to bed. 516 more words


3 meltdowns, 13 minutes!

I’ve just sat down to have a wee and I hear “Mammy, where are you?”. “In the bathroom sweet, what’s up?… What you doing?”….I raise my eyebrows…”having a wee”. 825 more words

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