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I’m Having a Toddler Meltdown

To say this week has been challenging is an understatement. I’m not sure what has happened, but shit has hit the fan!

My husband started the week playing doctor, which let me point out, he is not! 243 more words


Leaky Boobs, Not so Cute!

Ugh thank goodness today is St. Patty’s Day, and day drinking isn’t frowned upon…because momma needed a cocktail! I have put off getting John’s haircut for about three weeks too long, and I decided I was ready to take both Lukas and John to Cookie Cutters. 535 more words

When it Rains, it Pours!

Well, we are exactly twelve days into being a family of four…plus one ridiculously needy, sassy, loud, booshie-for-no-reason labradoodle, and it has been amazing! My boys are beautiful and healthy. 420 more words

When it Rains, it Freaking Poor’s!

We are 12 days into being a family of four, plus one overwhelmingly sassy, needy, booshie-for-no-reason labradoodle. I’m over the top in love with my family. 469 more words



After missing my train by the customary 30 seconds, I sit here in the cold (how on earth could it have been 32 yesterday and so cold today), pondering all of the ingredients that contributed to this morning’s lateness. 823 more words

One of 'those' mornings 

You know when you have one of ‘those’ mornings where you just have to look at the bright side and say ‘well there is literally only one way for the day to go – and that’s up’ – well that’s today. 676 more words