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Outside again we go!

After spending what felt like an eternity indoors, we were finally able to head outside again! :)

When we finally found our toys under a blanket of snow it took no time at all to start enjoying the outdoors. 58 more words

Toddler Room

Scoops, Shovels and Sand 

We love playing in our sandbox!

Today we decided to have a tea party :)

We also enjoy counting the number of scoops it takes to fill up a cup. 35 more words

Toddler Room

Collaborative Colours <3

Today we decided to paint a mural. We used red, green, yellow and blue paint. We worked together making various lines and shapes. We even used our colours to make new ones! 7 more words

Toddler Room

Building with Blocks

This morning we set out a provocation. We placed a basket of blocks beside our mirror. In no time at all the children were hard at work creating :) 16 more words

Toddler Room

Squishy Baff

It’s been a very long couple of weeks. The cold weather has made us stuck inside for what seems like forever now! We decided to have some fun with squishy BaffIt’s. 121 more words

Toddler Room

Painting with Pasta

With so much time spent indoors the toddlers are becoming increasingly artistic!

For one of our students creatives, she turned spaghetti noodles into paint brushes :) The children loved this activity!

Toddler Room

Another Indoor Day!

After spending yet another day inside. We all needed to get some energy out! We set up our gross motor mats and the children spent the morning crawling, climbing and jumping :) We had so much fun <3

Toddler Room