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Bathing Baby

We can be so kind and caring in the toddler room! The toddlers are showing empathy towards each other. They have taken an interest in caring for babies. 93 more words

Toddler Room

DIY Cheap Window Cornice Boards

I had some free time earlier this month. I know, free time with a toddler around, unheard of right? Lol, but I managed to do a project I’ve been really wanting to do. 405 more words


Collaborative Creations

The toddlers have been learning about taking turns and sharing. It can be difficult when they think that everything they touch is theirs! A great way to work on our teamwork was to make a group painting. 156 more words

Toddler Room

Riveting Reflections

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

The toddlers of course!

We had so much fun when our mirror was brought out!   89 more words

Toddler Room

Cars and Ramps

This morning, the toddlers were searching for places to drive the cars. We used some of our gross motor mats to make a ramp.  The children showed interest after they saw a car zoom down the ramp. 75 more words

Toddler Room

Glowing Colours

A favourite activity in the toddler room is exploring our light bin.  The children always have a blast when we use it. Inside our light bin there is a wand that changes colours. 62 more words

Toddler Room

The Building Blocks

Lately, the toddlers have taken an interest in blocks. Last week we started building bridges to walk across. This week, the toddlers were seen building bridges for their cars to drive along. 92 more words

Toddler Room