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Working at the car wash 🚗🚙🚕

The toddlers like to take care of their things.  Today they washed their cars with soap, water and sponges.  First they scrubbed them, then rinsed and dried them and to finish it off they drove their shiny sparkly clean cars around.   35 more words

Toddler Room

Loose Parts

Providing loose part materials to children allows them to explore, experiment and tinker with.  They engage, design, create and build using the materials.  The toddlers have been interested in collecting and sorting.   56 more words

Toddler Room

Decorating My Toddler's Room: Girl

We recently bought our first house and have been slowly unpacking and decorating as we go. I knew the kids rooms would be the first to be decorated so the kiddos would feel comfortable and not be living out of boxes for months. 1,121 more words


Puddle Day 2017

It was a splash!!

Every year, we participate in Puddle Day. It is a worthy cause and an amazing experience for the children.

We went out and started to spray the hose. 51 more words

Toddler Room

How Can We Help Plants Grow?🍃🌿

Part 1

A provocation was set out on Monday morning.  A plant, two spray bottles and a candle were on the table. Beside it, there was a sign that posed the question, “how can we help plants grow?” 207 more words

Toddler Room

Outdoor Art

The warmer weather has allowed us to enjoy different activities outside.  The children explored painting with water on the fence.  The toddlers started to paint using brushes and then quickly the activity lead them to painting with their hands.   25 more words

Toddler Room