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All My Self...

The key phrase in our home these days is, “I do it all my self” or “NO! I wanna do it all my self.” The toddler has independence oozing our her eyeballs and this morning was no exception. 223 more words


A Little (ahem...BIG) Girl's Room

We’re 6 months into our new house. The plan was to paint P’s room before we moved in, but moving 2 weeks after the holidays, in the middle of winter and while 8 months pregnant slowed us down :) 413 more words

Big Girl's Bed

So Much More! 

In the mind of a child, every object doesn’t have just one purpose. When we bring in recycled materials, the children use them for a long time. 24 more words

Toddler Room

Painting on Tin Foil🎨

The children collaborated on some tin foil art! They sat together and painted on the reflective material. We noticed the pitter-patter sound the foil made when our brushes touched it. 54 more words

Toddler Room

Finger Paint Fun 🎨✋👍

The toddlers were busy making some eye-catching Art! They used their fingers to swirl the paint all around. Splat! They made many handprints and told us they were painting for mommy and daddy. 33 more words

Toddler Room

Interacting With Our Shadows

The morning sun was shining in our classroom so we took the opportunity to interact with our shadows. The children enjoyed making movements with their arms and hands and watching how their shadows did the same things on the walls.   24 more words

Toddler Room

Shredding Tissue ~ Helps Children Learn

We had some extra tissue paper from our Christmas gifts so we put it out on the table for the children to explore. The children immediately took some tissue and started to tear strips of it from the bigger sheets. 58 more words

Toddler Room