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New Storytime

We’ve had a full house this week.  My niece and nephew go to charter schools so he had the whole week off and she had half days.   80 more words


Moving Forward

There are always some challenges when getting in to a new relationship. Especially when you’re previous relationship was pretty serious and lasted years. It’s like you’re starting all over again in the dating world and you have no idea what you are doing. 379 more words


Curly Sue (and proud of it...now)

I am a curly Sue (literally…my middle name is Sue).  When I was younger I didn’t love my curls.  Even today my go to style is to go to the salon and get my hair washed and blown straight. 139 more words

Toddler Tales

Breastfeeding Beyond Baby

Mini me will be three in January.  She was a breastfed baby and now she’s a breastfed toddler.  I’m not good at figuring out when toddler becomes preschooler or whatever the next set “stage” is called but whatever it is chances are Mini me will be a breastfed one of those too! 279 more words


Bowling for Babies

Okay, not really babies but for small children.  Has any of my readers been brave enough to try this?  I’m trying to plan something fun mini me’s birthday in January and am kind of over having birthday parties at home.   74 more words


New Story Time

Here is our latest YouTube story time.  Let me know what you think.  Mini me was adamant about being the director and starting and ending the filming this week! 68 more words


Suze Orman Tips for Kids

I think financial literacy is a life skill we MUST teach our children.  Too often we think we shouldn’t talk to our little ones about money then wonder why when they get to college they open 7869 credit cards to get a free t-shirt (are they still allowed to do that on campuses?) 147 more words