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Europe Diaries- Chapter 2 Ljubljana,Slovenia

Zdravo (hello) again!

This time, we are in Ljubljana the capital city of Slovenia.

We reached Ljubljana from Budapest.

There are several ways of travelling between these two places. 2,994 more words

The Challenge to Take a Moment

Today I want to
challenge you. I want to challenge you to take a moment.

But what does that
actually mean?

Fast, faster, fastest

In today’s society of Coffee-to-go, fast… 772 more words

Life Lessons

My Summer BucketList // 2019

Hi there love,

Happy Weekend


Happy Summer Time

I hope you are doing well. Today’s post is a little later because I had difficulties with my laptop but thank god it’s all fixed now. 719 more words


Some cells can move in human body

Like cancer cells. How they move themselves? Where they can go and how fast they can go?


Unending list

My gap year begins here! To be perfectly honest the thought of a gap year kinda scares me. It has never really been my intention to take a year out. 357 more words