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I Failed My CySA+ Exam

This is a very hard exam

I had been studying for the CySA+ certification exam since October 2019. Along with studying at home, I had also been taking the CySA+ class at the San Diego Continuing Education North City Campus. 311 more words


Eradicating Memory Leaks In Javascript | LambdaTest

We will take a comprehensive approach to understand what memory leaks are, its causes and how to spot and diagnose them easily using chrome developer tools. 8 more words


JavaScript: Promises are GOTO evil incarnate

All programmers know that GOTO was evil. It was a thing in the early days of code, but things always got out of hand once the code got larger. 9 more words


Duro duro duro!

Fuera de todo lo enterrado en el 2019 sigue latente la falta de trabajito y ahora no hay mujer que ande atrás mío, he perdido el encanto, o se ha ido cambiando jejeje pero cambiando hacia los bancos, ahora son ellos los que andan atrás mío, hundiéndome con cada nuevo reajuste de intereses. 364 more words