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Stepping on the tongues of hot women...

To begin with…

We’ve got a fair bit of footage coming soon, both free and for sale. This is front something we’ll probably release for free, and it involves Zoe working my cock as I squeeze her fingers over my shaft while I feed her my toes. 201 more words

Just tonight... and shots from the next CEO clip.

Hi, guys. I miss Twitter and just being able to mention a mood I’m in, or a sentiment I’m thinking, and if feels immediate as the tweets come in to you. 861 more words

New Era of Fortysomething!

Hi, folks, dear fans, dear devotees, dear fucking come sluts, sub women, and pig boys. I think that should cover most of you! : ) 581 more words

Toe Sucking 101

I’m intrigued by toe sucking, though my experience with it is minimal but pleasurable.  Drew went down on me in a hotel room and then in the throes of ecstasy, he turned his attention to my feet and sucked my toes.  286 more words


Svutlana like for keep you on toes

Hey Svutlana,

I have read that 75% of people said that they don’t want their toes sucked. Researchers have hypothesized that toe sucking became popular in the 16th and 19th century Europe when there were large outbreaks of syphilis. 610 more words

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