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Eva Green's feet in "Dreamers"

Dreamy foot scene in “Dreamers”. Eva, lies fully nude on her brass bed, while, her blonde lover-boy has his face just between her bare feet. When she closes her eyes, he starts sucking her long toes and rubs his face on her soles. 9 more words

Toe Sucking

Clementine Celarie's toes sucked in bathtub

Clementine is in the bathtub with her much younger lover. While they are chatting he touches her foot his mouth. He, then, starts kissing and sucking her beautiful toes. 13 more words

Toe Sucking

Juliet’s (Jane Jensen) toes sucked

Tromeo Que (Will Keenan) sucks Juliet’s (Jane Jensen) toes in a bizarre film called “Tromeo & Juliet” (1996). Jane is very cute in this scene that takes place almost at the beginning of this clip.

Toe Sucking