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Monochrome Monday: From Head To Toe

During a visit to Edinburgh last fall, my husband and I discovered so many fun traditions.

As we strolled down the Royal Mile, we saw a lot of people passing by a large male statue and touching his toe. 80 more words


Tuba Obi East Block

1 May 2016

Due to the size of the admission document, I have attempted to simplify the document and extract the information out of it that I myself would find of value. 2,024 more words


PROFOOT Toe Pouch Cushions, Women's 6-10, 1 Pair

Professional dancers have been using these cushions for years to protect their most important investment: their feet. Now modified for everyday shoes, Pump Pouches™ offer unheard of comfort to any type of shoe from stilettos to flats. 17 more words

My Left Foot (Part Two)

One of my New Year Resolutions, alongside the trusty favourites of losing a stone; writing a song that people would be interesting in listening to; and generally being harder on Jr Emu#3 (a NYR shared by four other members of the family), was to write 12 blogs that people would actually read during 2016. 1,505 more words

Silicone Gel Toe Spreader, Women's 7-10.5/Men's 5-8.5

Bunions bothering you? The Silicone Toe Spreader provides gentle, constant pressure that promotes bunion relief and treatment. This pressure promotes proper joint alignment, reduces friction / irritation, and provides relief on the bunion joint. 12 more words

Toe Fail

My teal crackle nail varnish has gone weird and funky and now I look like I’m expressing a personal crisis through the medium of nail polish.

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There are moments when I woke up and I ask myself “wtf did I just do to my toe???” Screaming in pain at 5 am because I had stubbed my toe and it hurts like a mofo. 161 more words