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Any of various diving birds having a pointed bill and lobed fleshy membranes along each toe.

The symbol on his scarf is a grebe.


When breaking a let doesn't bring you luck...

So… I fell down… I broke a toe and I didn’t want to leave my bike (even if it’s not that far away from home – about 25km away). 260 more words

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Blisters & Infections

Fantasy Prognosis: For most blisters, the athletic training staff will have your player back on the field immediately, with down-time being one game at most. However, if the blister isn’t properly treated immediately, it can result in deeper infection, even MRSA (as happened with… 41 more words

Legs And Feet

Wedding Fashion Emergency!

I’ve been looking forward to this upcoming weekend for some time! My boss is finally getting married on Saturday. She’s been off since Monday and I can’t wait to see how her dresses will look and all the details that she has put into this wedding. 487 more words


(Unadvertedly) Meeting the Datura - Toe Spirit

I had just returned home, to a Quito valley, from one of my visits to the house of the Grandfather San Pedro. His presence always remains strong for days or weeks in my perception and energy field after an encounter, often manifested as an all consuming, ever enhanced attraction to all things nature and its exacerbated beauty. 743 more words

San Pedro

Toe - "Hear You" Review

Hear You (Topshelf Records) marks Japanese math-rock band Toe’s third full length album and is the follow up to their 2012 EP The Future is Now. 398 more words

Hear You

toe: Hear You

Hear You Loud and Clear

I’m a bit on the fence when it comes to all things math rock and post rock. The genres inspire some beautiful music, but they almost serve more as musical wallpaper with their noodling and largely instrumental songs. 486 more words