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Watching in Circles

The horse hair caught
in a swirl of wind, the butterfly around the
grass blade, the lizard chasing an
ant, my thoughts — all these are circles. 18 more words


Toby | Toe | Susan | Baby Angel

Ahh, there he is.  My Baby Sue Angel.  This is Toby, my six year old lab.  I just wanted you to meet him.  I am sure you will hear more of his adventures and if at any time in the future you hear me refer to Toe, Susan or the Baby Angel, you are now familiar with whom I am speaking of.

Baby Angel

When a man becomes a man: carrying beer in a bag

There’s no singular device to transport any type of liquid, so long as they’re in a container, from Point A to Point B, dependent on logistics. 262 more words



Tramp: One of a set of gradations of the act of setting a toe down firmly on the soil, that includes the mincing tramps of trit and trot, the light brush of a tread, the click of a tap, the catch of a trip, and the snap of a trap, which is the negative of a step and, like anti-matter to matter, catches it and makes it permanent. 16 more words


Limp toes

I am thinking of renaming this blog “The Veterinary Chronicles”…

Yes, you guessed it, we have visited the vet again.  This time it was Cagney; he hurt his foot.  580 more words


PAN AM Fencing Footwork

      A fencer’s footwork during a bout with his opponent determines his advantage.  Whether advancing or retreating, he changes the speed and tempo of the contest with his feet.  381 more words

21st May 2015

Hello world! Amazingly, more than one person read my blog yesterday which has caused my ego to spiral out of control and now I deem myself the Marilyn Monroe of blogging…I am untouchable. 709 more words