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A Toe-tal Mess

Sunday night.  Busy knitting at Pub Quiz.  Reach the toes of the first Petty Harbour sock. After a round of decreases have a thought.  “This isn’t going to work?   464 more words

Toe Spreading Gel Bunion Shield

Minimize bunion pain and friction as you walk with this innovative Toe Spreading Gel Bunion Shield. Soft thermoplastic elastomer gel conforms to the shape of your foot for a custom-like fit, and the toe spreader realigns your big toe to reduce stress on the bunion joint. 46 more words

Pedifix Visco-gel Toe Protector, 1 Count

Visco-GEL Toe Protector instantly cushions and protects corns, ingrown nails and other toe irritations. Soothing Gel completely surrounds the toe to absorb pressure and friction while releasing mineral oil to moisturize and soften skin. 20 more words

Where to apply topically . . . .

#3C –So where do you put essential oils on your body?  An easy answer is to use them where you are experiencing occasional pain or discomfort (like from over-used muscles when you do an exercise workout.)  Another good idea is the bottoms of the feet (especially if you find the scent offensive in an oil you would like to use.)  The pores are especially large there and it is ideally suited for this.   278 more words