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A little off-season divertissement for the website (that's France for amusement, Del) - by Ian "EO" Sewell.

I may well be bored waiting for the Australian Summer but there is no need for Greysmen to share the same fate.

I offer a little off-season divertissement for us G-men in the form of a parlour game. 67 more words



The toe looked more like a grey pebble sticking out of the sand, than a human part. Tina got a whiff of the familiar stench of a decomposing body. 127 more words


Part 4, project 4, exercise 1: The structure of the human body - toes

3 October, 2015. In order to divide this exercise into manageable chunks, and since I never know when to expect major interruptions, I will split my posts by body part this time. 35 more words


#PowerPose 47 - Supta Pādānguṣṭhāsana

It’s officially Fall!  The swirling vata energy of the season might have you craving or even demanding a little grounding of your energy.  This is the perfect time to bring your practice low to the ground.  654 more words


Weird Wool Wednesday: L and R

I don’t know if you noticed yesterday:

When I start a sock toe-up I often forget where the beginning of the row is. Which is important at the start because I increase more at the side of the little toe than at the side of the big toe. 57 more words


Is it Possible to Heal Plantar Fasciitis through Diet? Part I – The Basics

For those familiar with plantar fasciitis, you’re probably cringing just hearing the words. And if it’s been going on for awhile, you probably feel like you’ve tried everything – night splints, cortisone, NSAIDs, orthotics etc. 699 more words