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Two-Player Tic Tac Toe Game

This is a sample code for a very simple two-player 3×3 Tic Tac Toe Game in a console(command line) interface. It can still be improved, but I will get back to this after I learn how to make GUI applications as well as AI programming. 656 more words


Weird Toe


A weird toe steals the show
No matter numerous tattoos
Flowing, interlocking locks
Hazelnut-pistachio eyes
Lips rubbed, raw, red
Pink-peachy skin
That one toe… 8 more words


The TO&E Paradox

Here’s one of the most interesting paradoxes.

-The TO&E of a unit tells a lot about what the unit is, what it’s capable of, and what it does. 64 more words


[In Progress]Tic Tac Toe Game

Happy new year again to everyone. As of right now, I am currently making a console Tic Tac Toe game using functions and classes. I also added a loading time that says “Initializing” then dots that will print and disappear. 180 more words


Christmas Break - in more ways than one.

I am sitting here in the quiet of my classroom, readying myself for our last day of exams.  I am dressed for the occasion:  blue jeans, black shirt and red Christmas tie – hey, I am a trend-setter when it comes to seasonal wear. 1,227 more words

Staying Healthy

I’ve had a nagging toe issue for a few months. Yes, MONTHS. I put off getting it looked at because 1) I had races to run and train for, and I wasn’t going to be sidelined from my goals, and 2) For some strange reason it didn’t hurt when I would run or wear my running shoes. 748 more words