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Types of steering Linkage

Types of steering Linkages:

  1. Conventional steering Linkage.
  2. Direct cross type steering linkage
  3. Three piece steering linkage
  4. center arm steering linkage
  5. Relay type steering linkage.
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Folly Foot

At the bottom of our feet we have plantar cutaneous receptors. These receptors allow us to process information from skin stretch, pressure, vibration and texture. This information enables us to maintain an upright stance, feel uneven ground and absorb impact forces. 180 more words


Big toe's big foot holds evolutionary key

Our skeletons hold tell-tale signs that show that human bipedalism are unique to humans especially when compared to our closest living relatives, apes. Exactly when these signs first appear in our evolutionary history is one of the fundamental questions driving Palaeoanthropology studies today. 731 more words


How Information Theory Unifies Quantum Mechanics

December 20, 2014 // 07:00 AM EST

Two parallel mysteries of quantum mechanics, so-called wave-particle duality and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, are in reality one and the same. 1,534 more words


2015 Injury Woes: Dealing with a Toe Fracture

Phase #1 – Anger, Frustration & Stress

(note: skip this if you don’t wanna “listen” to Me basically whining about it)

The New Year hasn’t been a great one for me.  948 more words


Chiseled Toe

Mũi giày đẹp mà phần đông không biết: Chiseled toe.

Ngoài 3 kiểu lớn Vuông (Square), Tròn (Round), Nhọn (Pointy) thì có mũi giày Chiseled. 184 more words


Current Obsession

Currently, I have an obsession for black peep toe shoes and I wanna buy every single one I see but I’m kinda broke. They are the summer version of a good pair of black boots for me, they are super versatile and can be dressed up or down. 61 more words