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Tofu and Farro Vegan Dinner

I have been a vegetarian, who on slim occasions ate fish, for almost 4 years.  I recently made the switch to becoming completely Vegan.  No fish, no dairy, no eggs or animal products of any kind.   636 more words


Tahu Bacem ( caramelised tofu )

Ngga tahu kenapa tiba – tiba kok kepingin makan tahu bacem . Dasar Jawa … wakakakaka … Sudah lama tinggal di luar pun lidahnya masih kampung . 168 more words

Bawang Merah

Perkedel Tahu ( tofu balls )

Bahan : 

3 buah tahu atau kira – kira 450 gram

1 1/2 sendok teh garam

1/2 sendok teh lada halus

1 kuning telor

3 batang daun bawang , cincang halus… 35 more words


Meat-Free Weeknights: Maple Tofu with Noodles in Peanut and Garlic Sauce

They say that garlic wards off vampires. I’m not entirely sure where the origins of that came from (a quick Google search tells me that apparently nobody else really knows definitively either). 553 more words


Crispy Orange Tofu

I’m happy to say this recipe was a mistake as it turned out to be a terrific one!  I was in the mood for something bright and the only citrus I had was orange marmalade.   327 more words


Meat-Free Weeknights: Asian Tofu Salad

I don’t often make salads for dinner. To me, salads are generally associated with my daily work lunches and sides to my main courses at dinner. 607 more words


Malaysian Prawn Laksa

Ever since I made that tofu stirfry, I have had leftover tofu puffs staring at my face every time I opened my fridge. And every time it did, all I could think about was laksa. 680 more words