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Ramen Noodles - Soup and Salad

Hey There! Look at this! I just found and bought an interesting package of Ramen noodles from, of all places, Costco. Check it out. Noodles made from rice and millet … gluten-free and actually good for you and no accompanying sachet of MSG! 441 more words


Korean tofu bibimbap recipe

Bibimbap is one of the national dishes of Korea which literally means ‘mixed rice’. I was inspired to cook it as it’s August’s recipe on my World Vegetarian Calendar that my friend Katy buys me every year and every year I set out to cook all the recipes, but I rarely do (sorry, Katy!). 613 more words


"Cheesy" Scrambled Tofu

As a vegan, I’ve found that one of the harder meals to navigate is breakfast.

Sure, there’s always a bagel, a smoothie, or some fruit, but sometimes, I want a savory dish for breakfast and I’ll get some vegan sausage, make some potatoes, etc. 699 more words


Tofu Bacon

I dined with a friend for lunch last week to a great vegetarian/vegan restaurant, Pure Kitchen, on Richmond Road in Ottawa, for those of you in town.  438 more words


Tofu and roasted vegetable quiche recipe 

Eggs are probably what I have missed most from a vegan diet, more so than cheese which I thought would be harder to omit. But tofu if a fantastic and versatile subsitute so I decided to try my hand at a tofu quiche this week. 729 more words


Meat-Free Weeknights: Tofu & Pumpkin Miso Soup

I promise this will be the last of my tofu nonsense for the week. I’ve finally used up my box of tofu with a very simple soup to warm the winter. 606 more words


Meat-Free Weeknights: Tofu & Vegetable Pancakes

At last I’m finally feeling a little better than I did last week! The weather hasn’t been so cold recently and I finally went back to the gym for the first time in a week and a half. 720 more words