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Sweet Potato, Tofu and Chilli Patties with Spinach

I’d already made a delicious crispy tofu stir fry this week and needed a way to use up my leftover Cauldron tofu taking up room in the fridge. 153 more words


Spicy Tofu Pitta Pockets with Carrot and Spinach

I had to share this with you all because it tasted so good and was so incredibly simple. I used up almost a whole pot of tofu in… 68 more words


Spicy Crispy Tofu with Stir Fry Veggie Rice

I received a Cauldron voucher with my Tesco clubcard vouchers and decided to try out some tofu. I had some cracking crispy tofu at a dim sum place over in Shoreditch and thought I’d have a go at replicating it. 172 more words


Tofu 'Ricotta' and Kale Filo Pie

Something I really miss since going dairy free is ricotta or feta and spinach pastries. I often use to buy one for a quick breakfast before work. 408 more words


Tamarind Noodles with Five Spice Tofu

This past week I have been avoiding the kitchen. Don’t worry I am not on some crazy January diet that involves me starving myself or anything, goodness no. 506 more words


The Secret of Crispy Tofu!

Tofu. The vegan staple. The thing that makes most people feel sorry for vegans; “but all you can eat is tofu” (this is so not true by the way, see my other recipes!). 308 more words


Vegan Chicken Teriyaki

When I was younger, I would pretty much unfailingly order a chicken teriyaki rice bowl any time I went to Japanese restaurant. I tried making a similar style teriyaki dish using… 260 more words