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shirataki noodles in avocado cream for 2 💚

enjoy this creamy vegan avocado dish when you hunger for pasta but not for the calories and heavy feeling that go along with it!  i didnt add anything extra to this, but it would also be delish with some chopped tomato, chickpeas or avocado chunks 🐸 72 more words


Poached Chicken with Veggie Noodles

Healthy, easy dinner alert! Here’s a meal that’s purdy enough to be served to guests. Because that’s exactly what I did, and it was a hit. 709 more words

Friday Favorites - 17 January

I really, really love Fridays.

The past two weeks have been pretty madcap at work, which is I guess good for the company I work for (busy weeks = lots of $$) but very, very bad for my energy levels.   659 more words

Friday Favorites

Tofu: From Four Letter Word to Best Friend

Today’s weight: 175.2 Lbs

I was first introduced to tofu when I met with a nutritionist. In the middle of all my “excuses” to be fat, I mentioned something to the effect of “I am Italian descendent and life without pasta isn’t worth living.” She suggested I try tofu shirataki instead. 808 more words

Fitness & Weight Loss

Bacon Bum

Following my rule, I got back on track at my next meal, meaning yesterday’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After the 11pm snack attack, last night, I really felt down. 561 more words


By a show of hands, who is on this site because of a low-carb diet? Mmmhmm. Oh, do I have a recipe for YOU! Miracle noodles indeed, these tofu shirataki noodles are quite the find. 361 more words

3 - Large Plates

"Fettuccine Alfredo" with Shrimp - A low fat, low carb alternative

I was inspired to create this recipe when I saw that the tofu shirataki noodles that I love came in “fettuccine.” Instead of dumping a rich sauce on top of a hi-protein, low-carb alternative, I thought it was the perfect time alter some less appealing options I had come across online. 203 more words