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Connections: March 18.18

Though bold the fashion statement

and avant-garde the fusion

an ascot with a toga

is flagrant pond obtrusion.



Red in Knots

In the month of March I was involved in a Garlic Knot Block swap.  At home we sewed our 2 1/2 inch strips.  Each person supplied the black and white fabrics, the red was supplied by the workshop.  516 more words

LFW Fall/Winter 2018 - Toga

View full collection here. Here are our favorites, Michelle’s are on the left, mine are on the right! Enjoyy!

Clothing of the Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine costume tradition took its form from the Roman Empire (27B.C.E.–476C.E.) and its color and decorative tradition from the Orient and the Middle East. The Roman roots are easy to understand. 705 more words