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Tips to a Happier Household

  1. Eat dinner with the family.
  2. Increase communication (yes, the parents can learn to text!)
  3. Share what you learned that day with your family.
  4. Put down your phones and just listen.
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FRIEND in me

When life is dark and you are unable to see,
Turn to me because you got a friend in me.

When u can’t swim and sink to bottom of the sea, 62 more words

Love Stories

Vulnerability is Strength 

​We stare into space with all kinds of problems orbitting our brains. Do we have people to communicate those problems to? Sure we do, but we want to solve them ourselves. 92 more words


Love begins at Heaven's gate...

Your love is so strong and bright,
It leaves me with a smile when i fall asleep at night.

When i m dreaming hours seem as minutes, 60 more words

Love Stories


“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” – Lilo and Stitch

Let’s be real. The first time I watched Lilo & Stitch as a child, all I could think about was how weird all of the aliens looked (especially the Grand Councilwoman!) and how awesome the ‘Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride’ scene was. 229 more words


Some things don't change, Thank heaven

IN the last 36 years, I’ve owned a whole bunch of different cars, moved strata to house to strata to house to strata to house again. 166 more words