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I Am a Very Clever Cat / Two Can

I am a Very Clever Cat
Kasia Matyjaszek
Templar Publishing
With such an arresting cover, this book will be hard to resist. Its narrator, Stockon, is certainly not short on self-esteem: “ 299 more words

Picture Books

Chester: Me + Mrs SeaSlug

Chester is very jealous if any of the other dogs goes off with Mrs SeaSlug – although Oscar Dandelion seems to be the only one she tolerates. 28 more words

Faith McCord

The fairy tale of the lost princess

In a distant realm beyond the stars, alone stood a majestic castle on the top of a hill at the end of an empty wasteland, just where it broke sharply and became a cliff of sharp stones that dropped into the ocean. 1,035 more words


Only Today

I’ve long thought about the slope of your nose,
And the size of your brow and look of your toes,
But only today have I seen the person who owns them. 103 more words


do you ever feel this way

when i am alone
i want to be with you


when i am with you
i want to be alone

Daily Post Response: Unfinished

Original Poetry

Savour the Moment | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 26

It is so easy in this fast paced world to stuff every moment with doing. And in the process, forget about the being. Present. Conscious. Connected — to the food we eat, the places we sit, the people we’re with. 274 more words

Acts Of Grace

#RomanticTuesday ~ Interwoven 

Hardly noticeable at the beginning

The way we thought alike

Not in the same vicinity of thought

But the exact same thoughts

We laughed at first and thought it to be cute… 164 more words