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We are a family

I love my family and this is for them. I AM AMERICAN!  No culture? PLEASE! You broke it now you have the nerve to say we don’t have any? YOU SIRS, ARE LIARS!

Jesus Loves You!

Portishead Is Taking on Abba: Links You Need to See

Portishead and Abba are likely two bands whose names you never expected to utter in the same sentence. 491 more words

Pop Culture


It was early fall and I was curled against you, a comma

becoming quotation marks.

When these fuzzy words came alive in me

I was moved to stealthily leave your warmth. 105 more words


         Tonight I catch you again, sitting  by the window and standing plainly into night’s cold, and I wish to ask you, “Are you still thinking of him?” So instead, I try to remember how difficult it is to forget someone. 233 more words


...and the Blind Shall See

Her face, my map, my guide
in this moment of charged silence.

I touch her eyes, feel cool wet lashes
sensation on my fingertips
questions in my heart. 95 more words

Live For Today

Boys Day Out 2014

12th October 2014

“None of you believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself.”




Individualism is highly questioned by Buddhist teachings.

You might have noticed the growing individualism in society. People often question themselves: what’s in it for me? And they have to, because almost everyone does. 281 more words