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By Kamlesh Tripathi


I was right and he was wrong,

And that brought about the ferocious storm,

For in this alluring life,

Only I was in the boil and he in the warmth. 152 more words


10 years of togetherness

I was still a silly teenager when I agreed to be your girlfriend. But that silly teenager made the right decision. 10 years ago you were the sweetest and the funniest man I’d ever known and you are still that man now. 363 more words


PutHumanityFirst: Starting with you

…putting humanity first makes creating a better world a piece of cake…

Hi there,

In the previous posts I talked about the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who believe what we believe in order for us to survive and do remarkable things. 914 more words

Better World

Take my hand

I know you’re scared,
you’ve built up walls
to keep from monsters,
to keep the pain
from ever reaching you again.
I’m scared too.
Afraid that I’m making… 132 more words


Exquisite Manuscript

We are meant to be together;
leather bound like an exquisite manuscript.
We play our parts magnificently;
partners in love and crime, joy and sorrow. 43 more words


Change is Coming

I thought the future had a clear path. I knew what I was doing for the next 9 months. My youngest had a questionable plan, her sister had a plan and their brother had a sort of plan. 346 more words



The smell of the mountain air
The glistening of the morning dew
The aroma of fresh brewed coffee
The cyclists I pass on my way to work… 45 more words