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One of the most prolific things that we adults of a certain age can relate to by searching our memories is the memorable term entitled “Washdays.” Being in that age bracket myself now it is quite easy to go down memory lane and pull up some pretty amazing stories of the days when we actually did our washing of clothes on a certain day of the week, Monday morning. 583 more words

Human Agenda

As I read comments on various people’s Facebook posts I have discovered that there is an amazing quantity of people who are locked in the past or worse. 369 more words


Arm Yourself With Love

Those that would seek to divide
Are able to by
Driving your emotions
Like cattle.

Come back to the quiet within.
Listen, discern, calm
And then choose love. 215 more words


Togetherness . . .

There’s a reason why collaboration is good:

  • Bow and arrow
  • Cut and paste
  • Before and after
  • Ben and Jerry
  • Plug and socket
  • Yin and Yang…
  • 23 more words

7 Reasons Parents need or want Grandparents – something to show Granny and Grandpa

7 reasons i love my children being with their grandparents, which in my case is Greatma, Grammy and Poppa, Babu and Dani and Nana and Popstar : 848 more words

Wellness & Happiness


It has been quite a soul searching time for me for the past week or so.

First of all, after much thought and realizing that there is always another way of looking at my situation than I might have been doing, I broke down my inhibitions and acquired a very beautiful walker for daily walks.  557 more words

A Small World

This is a small world with a crowd of billions,

There are a hundred thousand alleys connecting the armed and the civilians.

A blend of cultures combined to form a fraternity so brilliant, 55 more words