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To accept is not to exclude but include

The popular ideas of letting go and to accept has the same purpose as almost any other concepts in the world, namely to enhance the believe in the world as if it is real. 754 more words

Modern Spirituality

Did you miss me? Four simple words but it feels as though the entire world circulate around it.
But does it define my worth.. No, it only defines the depth of our intimacy. 29 more words



Leaders can’t come to the table with opinions; they must have food for thought based on the facts. We must send “the people” we influence out the door equipt to exercise their freedom of speech, while using their words to encourage freedom through speech; inspiring others to voice opinions which effectively reflect knowledge, not blind ambition!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~


Remembering that day - for Dad, and for Jason xx

They’re funny things, anniversaries.  You wait all year for them to come around, and often expect far much more from them than they seem to want to give you.   1,893 more words


Kegiatan Pertama - Pembahasan bertema “It’s a beautiful life”

Pada tanggal 27 Maret 2015 pukul 12:00 WIB Kami sekelompok melaksanakan kegiatan pertama ini di YAI (Yayasan Anyo Indonesia) yang mana kami melakukan pembahasan materi bertema “It’s a beautiful life”. 354 more words

The Togetherness

A togetherness in a crowd

is a quality to be proud

how many of the loved

travel with humility in bowed

each one has the ego in a cloud… 72 more words



” Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone’s hand is the beginning of a journey.

At other times, it is allowing another to take yours”.

- Vera Nazarian… 21 more words