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Sister’s keeper

Who is a sister’s keeper?

A sister’s keeper is someone who defends her sister at all times, whether wrong or right, a person ready to go to war for her sister (not to war with her sister). 926 more words

Do You Have Support?

Never try to become an island out there by yourself, thinking you can take on the world. Try to build a trustworthy network for your foundation, your base, upon which your life is built.

About Love

So sorry!
I don’t belong in this era, I suppose. I differ in views and attitudes. My idea of love ain’t lyrics of songs and catchy jingles.
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Romantic Tuesday: Photogenic

Adjusting the lens

to bring you into a clearer focus

your smile causes the lens to blush

overwhelmed by your lush tones

we sit for a spell… 87 more words



When you have a support system, it’s that foundation that can weather any storm. If one structure falls, you have the others to hold you up.

One Heart

I am sharing the following post written by my cousin, you can find the original here. An uplifting song written and sung by her daughter (and her band…

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Sentinels of Time

We gaze, mesmerized.
Porous limestone,
misshaped craggy towers
wind and brine carved.
Seas rise and fall
pulsate with teeming life.

We embrace, knowing.
Stainless steel lies within, 26 more words