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Stop by

Stop by, I said

for a cup of coffee

for moments of peaceful quiet

for silence

Stop by, I said

not for vague promises

nor for grand schemes… 57 more words

A Lesson in Overcoming Your Self 

I have the tendency to overwhelm myself to a point of stagnancy. I paralyze and confuse myself over the simplest details which causes me to leave goals and task incomplete. 568 more words

Tribin' So Hard...

Beyond the physical challenges, my time away from work has been mentally grueling. I love working for our firm, and furthermore, I love helping people. Despite the difficulty, this time away has given me time to reflect and re-center. 1,789 more words


Never more alive

You are the symphony

Lavish loving orchestra

Music resonating to the sky

We lay looking at the cosmos

I see the ripples from your music… 27 more words


No Offense

Pray for those who find nothing offensive until they are offended. Walking around with blinders on their eyes until the blinds are forcibly opened by dust being thrown into them. 95 more words


I watched you sleep last night, I stared at the peacefulness of the relaxed muscles in your face, and promised myself I would do everything it takes to maintain that peace. 147 more words


Standing Together - Yitro 5777

There are days, maybe once a week, when I feel like, “Ah. That was a good day. I accomplished a lot. I engaged with lots of people. 1,535 more words