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Vintage Swim

Ann Turkel, Naussau, Bahamas, March 1970


Sign (Day 25 FMFW)

I’m writing this in an ad break from ‘Married at First Sight’.  Yeah, OK, it’s rubbish TV.  I know it, you know it.  But it’s that whole thing of not being able to drag your eyes away from a train crash. 261 more words

31 Five Minute Free Writes Challenge


I use this word a lot.  Especially with my kids. It is Irish slang for idiot, but is meant in an affectionate way.  People tend to call you an eejit and cuff you over the ear. 174 more words

Anti-Grumpy Investigations

The Joy of Spring.

I remember when I was a child, my mother would talk about how much she loved the spring.  Of all the seasons, it was her favourite and still is, I think.   896 more words


Terence Donovan exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery

Terence Donovan retrospective in Soho

This 2016 exhibition is spread over two floors of the Photographers’ Gallery in London. My interest in Donovan’s work comes from his taking fashion out of the studio and into his East End. 204 more words


Day 57: How to Talk Like a Kiwi (part 2)

Anything ‘as’: In our first lesson on how to talk like a Kiwi I covered ‘sweet as’. There are lots of similar phrases with the word ‘as’ – ‘cheap as’, ‘mean as’, ‘hard as’, ‘easy as’, etc. 388 more words

Living In NZ