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Toilet Roll

I packed the hotel toilet roll, now I’m sure to be stopped in security and my bags searched.


I was served by someone else at the bakery this morning and the serviette has reappeared as part of the butterbreze package. 501 more words

Random Thoughts



I woke to news of a stabbing in town. It was plastered all over the news. My first thought was to ring my mother; I wouldn’t want her to worry. 404 more words

Random Thoughts

Feeling flushed...

Are you shitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin..

I’d say it takes me a couple of visits to my hotel room toilet until I feel completely at home.  974 more words

Alex Spalding / Kai Nobuko - Split

artists: Alex Spalding / Kai Nobuko
title: Split
format: toilet roll
keywords: experimental
label: –
reviewer: Leo Obit

It was a perfectly normal day, everything was going well and all was good. 631 more words


Toilet paper and Sartre

Sartre once famously posited that “hell is other people”.  That’s pretty much all I know about Sartre. And I strongly suspect I am not alone. But the tenure of his philosophical theorising suggests he was a wee bit pissy and not much given to asking the neighbours over for an impromptu BBQ. 530 more words

Fun With Toilet Roll

It has been too cold lately for the Catio and so the boys want to know:

What’s Next?

Barney Squash-Face

Bugs: “I abide by window, awaiting developments.” 45 more words

Toilet roll Trauma Sympathisers...

A fellow blogger thought of me as she was doing a wee…

(That wasn’t supposed to rhyme but it did. Bonus)

Leah, from and1moremakes3 looked and saw there was no toilet roll left upon finishing her visit to the loo, and my blog post about it sprung straight to the front to mind. 21 more words

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