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Day 134 ~ Learn Toilet Roll Origami

Who knew that folding a toilet roll was an art! Not me that’s for sure! There are literally hundreds of tutorials on the Internet so if you wanna learn then go right ahead, there’s boats, flowers, hearts and many more. 28 more words


Nothing makes me 'mad'

First animation test looking at my final major project. Here I was looking at when the toilet roll runs out half way through your business. I did this on Flash in a couple of hours to practice animations where every single frame was re drawn.

Doing Business

Today we had an appointment with the bank so I decided to take with my my Cath Kidston business bag that my husband had bought me a while ago from the Cath Kidston shop in Harrogate Yorkshire. 134 more words

The twist in my toilet roll story!

Sometimes you just bored of doing a chore. It might be mundane, real easy and a no brainer. But there is only X many times you wanna replace a toilet roll! 336 more words



There was lots of chat in our house about butterflies over past few weeks. The kids are excited that they will be hatching in coming weeks and my nephew even had one in his room last week. 207 more words

DiY - Valentine's Day Cute Cat Candy Container

DiY – Valentine’s Day Cute Cat Candy Container. It’s only 10 days until Valentine’s Day! These little kitties are made from empty toilet rolls and I’ve included the template below. 163 more words