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TP Review: Andrex Supreme Quilts

I’ve covered some of the cheaper brands so far but this time decided to treat myself to some fancy pants loo roll just to see how paying up to £1 extra per pack can make a difference, if any at all.   143 more words


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What is your earliest memory?

My very first memory isn’t a good one, so I will go with the next one.  I remember seeing my two cousins, Connie and Debbie walking up the driveway in their Sunday dress and bonnets.  260 more words

Chastity Belts: Royal Seal of Approval

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who knew chastity belts could be re=purposed as holders for flower pots, or toilet rolls (Prince Charles), or a crown ? – http://tinyurl.com/y9bzoyyn


TP Review: Floralys Aloe Vera Super Soft

Bringing you the TP review this time from my favourite “budget” supermarket – Lidl! Not only do they have reasonably priced food (and all those other random products – power drill anyone? 224 more words


TP Review: Tesco Luxury Soft

I’ve been a slacker on the toilet roll reviewing front…can I just blame it on finding this own brand stuff that is actually pretty good!  Ok, maybe not…I’ve just been lazy but here we go! 111 more words


Roll on the Change!

We’ve just started using bamboo toilet roll!

According to WWF 27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day!

Bamboo grows up to 30 times faster, needs less land to grow and regrows after it’s cut…enough said?!

Bathroom Changes

Toilet Roll Holder

Hallo everyone.

We all hate it when we sit down on the toilet and there isn’t enough resources – toilet paper – to complete the job. 17 more words