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For several months now, the battle of the brush has been raging in our Belgian household. Perhaps it’s my Virgo sensibilities which are not jiving with adolescent male standards for toilet hygiene, or perhaps it’s because I expect cleanliness before godliness. 357 more words

Modern Life

5 Useful Tips to Replace Broken Cistern Levers

Improperly tightened cistern levels or handles are the common cause of flushing problems with toilets. Check whether your toilet is flushing completely and also see if you have a loose toilet handle. 431 more words


Soup Break While Shopping

Dreamt I was at a vintage clothing and antique store and I was trying on random clothes.  The store didn’t feel like a store though. It felt like more like a closet. 133 more words


There's Another 'Mad Pooper' Running Around Australia Taking Dumps On People's Walkways

Just when you thought the human race couldn’t get more savage, along comes an animal like this man from the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

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Say What?

Funny thing about motherhood is that you don’t really have to do much to join.

Compared to other job trainings I’ve been to, the requirements are a cinch. 217 more words


7. Project Muslimah

I wasn’t intending on posting in Ramadhaan, but because I told you guys I’ll post after the twentieth… I took my phone of airplane mode just for y’all!

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Project Muslimah

Double Toilets - What the heck?

Earlier this year we went on a trip to Colorado.  We ended up in Colorado Spring, the scenery was beautiful, and I went into my first dispensary, but that is for another blog post.  728 more words