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Jangan Abaikan Kebersihan Toilet

Sanitasi di Indonesia masih menjadi masalah yang tak kunjung terselesaikan, pasalnya banyak dari rumah bahkan sekolah masih tidak memiliki fasilitas sanitasi yang memadai. Menurut data dari Direktorat Pemukiman dan Perumahan BEPPENAS tahun 2012, menunjukan lebih dari 40 % penduduk masih belum dapat menikmati fasilitas sanitasi yang memadai, termasuk fasilitas di toilet sekolah. 779 more words

Spin Off #ChildRightsChat 2

#ChildRightsChat is not solely a channel for biweekly discussions – we strongly encourage for conversations to be suggested and continued by participants and followers interested in the topic of children’s rights! 373 more words

Toilet mastering

Before I started working in a nursery I never gave much thought to the routine of teaching a child how to use the bathroom by themselves. 564 more words

Child Development

World's most passive-aggressive restroom found in Tokyo

Pfft, a ladies’ room is going to need more than 11 signs and an audio warning on a continuous loop to keep me out. 557 more words


Stupidly Smart

When I checked my email a couple of days ago, I discovered a message that began, “Don’t mind on my English, I am from India.”  I would have trashed it on the spot, but before I could get to the delete button I had already skimmed the next couple of sentences.  521 more words

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