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50 Word Stories: House-proud - Not

"The conditions were unsanitary. There were no towels, the hand soap was empty and the hot water didn't work. I won't even get started on the toilet, but let's just say it was paper depleted." 20 more words


Teaching About Toilets and Thinking Outside the Box

With the beginning of this new semester we have started our unit on hydrology. This unit focuses on all the water found on the Earth and the water cycle. 357 more words

6 More First World Problems

People needlessly standing on the bus. Seriously, unless you are only going a couple of stops, just sit your ass down if there are the seats to accommodate it. 500 more words


Traverse Design Sprint

I really enjoyed the different group dynamic and found the time and creative pressure invigorating after such a long holiday.

Having being given a brief to try and improve accessibility within DJCAD, we set about identifying the problems before we could come up with a design solution for it. 241 more words

Huge snake in a toilet bowl

home owner sees snake in their toilet bowl and its huge

Viral Voltz