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Splish Splash I nearly had a bath

When I go for a walk I like to get as dirty as possible. I run through the long grass, splash in puddles and roll in the dirt. 428 more words


Learning how girls wee and the shattered illusion

Men get an awful lot of stick for their toilet habits.  They spray all around the toilet bowl when they’ve having a wee, and not to mention the leaving of the seat up.  336 more words


Trapped in the Queen's Chamber

Earlier today, I was introduced to someone. ‘Oh I have heard about you’ he said. ‘Really?’ I answered. ‘Negatively, I hope.’

‘Hmm… (he smiled) Why?’ 1,182 more words


20 Toilet Design

Geometric Patterns on Walls

Design Small Bathroom Combined

Design of Toilet

Design Toilet

Toilet Design

Beige Tile in Bathroom

Latest Toilet Design

Business Decorating Bathroom… 42 more words


Have a nice trip! 

There is something utterly confusing about a toilet telling you to have a nice trip.

And with toilets here having so many mysterious options, it kind of feels as if it doesn’t mean trip as in adventure but a very different type of trip. 19 more words


The smelly toilet

Our recent holiday on a canal boat was great I would recommend it and the company we hired from to anyone but I’m not sure I wouldn’t recommend the boat we hired. 436 more words


Smelly Toilet Water

On Thursday we noticed a foul smell coming from our bathroom. It took a while to identify the toilet as the cause. The water (after flushing) smelled like raw sewage and had a black tint to it. 98 more words

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