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How Much Time We Spend On The Toilet

We spend HOW LONG on the toilet every week??!!

According to a new study, we spend more time sitting on the toilet every week than exercising. 65 more words


Feeling Cranleigh*

I’m having a bad day.

It’s not the kind of bad day that simply makes you want the hours to fly by, but the kind of bad day that makes you want to to punch others indiscriminately in the face as hard and as often as possible. 416 more words


Toilet and trouble.

A man sat on the toilet,

And forgot why he was there,

He spent so long,

To try and remember,

That he lost all of his hair.

TP Review: Sainsbury's Super Soft

The one thing with Crohn’s is that get to grips fairly quickly what your favourite loo roll is. When you have a committed relationship with your toilet so getting the right stuff to wipe with makes a real difference! 238 more words



This is the conclusion to the recent trip I took with my fianc√©e. You can read more about it in three parts of Croatia¬†1… 1,033 more words

The s*** we never talk about

Did you know that a third of the world’s population don’t have access to a proper toilet? 460 more words