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Flushing Food Down The Toilet?

Yes, literally flushing actual food down the toilet.🚽

For instance, you have some cereal left in your bowl or some soup or something. What do you do with it? 476 more words

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As my old man says...

Life is like toilet paper. You’re either on a roll or taking shit from some asshole.


Toilet Paper and Holders!

What makes the world go round? TOILET PAPER.

At shsProducts we sell both toilet paper and toilet roll holders. 

Our range of toilet roll holders is very extensive. 19 more words


A kid rushed out the  bathroom yelling for help.

“What’s the matter?” The father asks the small boy. 77 more words


What If There Were No Toilets?

Could you imagine what would happen if there were no toilets? The fertile imagination of some persons might want to suggest that all we would need to do to cope with this is to have every human being wear pampers! 608 more words