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Retiree on trial for sexual assault says 12-year-old boy made the first move

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE – A retiree on trial for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy at a park toilet in Tampines last year said on Thursday (July 20) that the boy had made sexual overtures to him. 564 more words

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Page 20 Snakes alive!

Speaking about out-houses again. Your father’s father owned a summer home in the mountains of Massachusetts.  One time when I went into the out-house, there was a huge snake where you sit. 19 more words


All Falls Download

It was brutally hot last week. Hot to the tune of breaking the 100°F mark. Not the kind of days that I'd want to pull plaster and drywall down. 427 more words

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My third-born son taught me that it’s possible to pass a bowel moment capable of clogging the toilet so badly that the toilet must be detached from the bathroom floor in order to clear the plumbing. 146 more words


9 things you should never flush down the toilet

We don’t often think twice about what we’re flushing down the toilet — because why would we? — but chances are there are a number of things that we’re absent mindedly tossing into the commode that could do some serious damage. 906 more words



Okay I know there is LITERALLY a day for everything, I mean seriously, here’s just a few I found with a quick Google search:


Viral Video: Toilet Paper Takes Down Drone

Watch a roll of toilet paper take down a drone at a soccer game.

A drone was skimming down the field and filming the crowd at an Argentinian soccer game, and then a fan HURLED a roll of toilet paper and NAILED it. 8 more words