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From Dark and Traditional to Bright and Contemporary

Here is a dramatic change! This master bathroom in a River Oaks (Houston) home was originally papered with the classic Empire Star (I’m betting the manufacturer was Osborn & Little, a higher-end British company). 131 more words

In the toliet

I’ve heard about this happening to other people but never thought it would to me. Yup, dropped my phone in the toilet today. What a dope, I forgot to take it out of my back pocket when I got back from my walk. 36 more words

The Dirty Muse

Life is experiences and

Road trips

And I’m so hip

I read poetry on the


I sit at a ripe age

Like the poor man… 23 more words


Running water and going to the bathroom

Why does the sound of running water make us have to pee? According to Mental Floss magazine – it’s the power of suggestion. Just like a dog can be trained to come running when he hears a bell – we’ve trained ourselves to associate the sound of flowing liquid with going to the bathroom.

Connie Sellecca