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Toilet & Bathroom Rush Apk Mod

Get ready for the best toilet game and prepare yourself for unlimited entertainment! Toilet & Bathroom Rush is 100% FREE-RANGE FUN!
Having to stay on toilet for a long time will soon become frustrating and boring. 18 more words


#54 the jobsworth hoop

Line manager says I can’t have a lunch hour today.

I used it all up having a big shit.

Why are jobsworths given positions of power?


#53 the labour hoop

Still on the toilet!

Fuck it feels like I’m pushing out a jacket potato.

Why do women in labour get all the plaudits?


#52 the consequence hoop

Shitting out those sausage rolls now.

Feels like they’re coming out whole.

Why is there always a consequence for free stuff?


Toilet Paper Takeout

Have you ever looked at the toilet paper in a public restroom and thought about running off with it? I have. If I know I’m about to go to a rural spot in say, China, I’ll actually pack toilet paper in my luggage. 22 more words


Bathroom reno, week 5 update

It’s been a good week, readers. Like, a delirious, happy, mock-sobbing kind of week. Maybe real sobbing. Maybe.

When you last heard from your heroes, we were growing weary from the drywall dust that  1,412 more words

Guest Blog. It meant I could have a drink.

This month we are focusing on the needs of people who need help or equipment to stand up from the toilet.

Find out more about our topic and… 472 more words