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Toilet Guide: India

So, India is quite probably the most incredible country on our entire planet. Let’s hold that thought in our heads going forwards.

India is also quite an undertaking. 1,467 more words


Toilet Guide: Nepal

We love Nepal. We know, we say that about every country, but the people in Nepal are seriously amazing. Every person we had the privilege of speaking to in Nepal was incredibly kind and welcoming, and just unbelievably generous. 1,627 more words


A guide to cleaning yourself without toilet paper

So, this is awkward:

For the average western traveller, fully accustomed to a toilet paper lifestyle, an empty toilet roll can be a major cause for alarm. 1,514 more words


Operator error

It’s easy to get smug when you’re raising a puppy like Beverly. She’s not yet 4 months old, and it had been weeks since she’d had any toileting accidents in the house. 145 more words

Everyday Puppy Life

Sweet puppy nights

For the first two weeks of our life with Beverly, she woke up every night sometime between midnight at 3 a.m., crying. Steve hauled himself out of bed and carried her down the stairs, out the back door, past the pool deck, and down to the lower yard (the area where our dogs most commonly relieve themselves.) Every time he did that, Beverly peed and pooped. 323 more words

Everyday Puppy Life