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Operator error

It’s easy to get smug when you’re raising a puppy like Beverly. She’s not yet 4 months old, and it had been weeks since she’d had any toileting accidents in the house. 145 more words

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Test Post #1

Would you like to know…

  • How to prepare for toileting situations with no electricity or running water, at least 100 miles from the nearest toilet paper?

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Sweet puppy nights

For the first two weeks of our life with Beverly, she woke up every night sometime between midnight at 3 a.m., crying. Steve hauled himself out of bed and carried her down the stairs, out the back door, past the pool deck, and down to the lower yard (the area where our dogs most commonly relieve themselves.) Every time he did that, Beverly peed and pooped. 323 more words

Everyday Puppy Life


Beverly has thrown Steve and me off balance. I’ll confess that at the start of our life together, 6 days ago, I felt almost smug. Not only were we able to pick Beverly up within 4 hours of landing at Lindbergh (after flying all night, returning home from another continent), but in short order, we also puppy-proofed the house. 320 more words

Everyday Puppy Life

Puppy hell

Beverly is the 11th dog Steve and I have raised from puppyhood — the 7th we’ve raised for CCI. Over the years we’ve acquired an article of faith about this enterprise: if you know what you’re doing, life with the puppy starts to become quite pleasant by the time they’re 4 months old. 568 more words

Everyday Puppy Life

MESS! (inspired by my daughter Mia)


My  daughter is 7 years old and  whilst we are on a school term break, she has to learn and recite from memory a poem she chosen from several handed out by her class teacher. 148 more words

Facilitating the Dream Wee

I am stubbornly, and often stupidly, independent – due to an automatic sense of failure and guilt triggered by asking for help. At worst, this has seen me break my nose and eye socket with the claw of hammer, whilst trying to remove an equally stubborn nail from a floorboard. 594 more words