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Poop...it happens.

It was 6:05pm, we were well on our way to a successful and ‘on time’ bedtime. There had been no fuss, dinner went spectacularly, there were zero complaints about the meal, and the children had even offered to set the table. 756 more words

All things fibre

I would like to know at what point during my transition from women with no children, to mother of two, did my interest in bowel habits start, but more importantly when will it end. 535 more words

Self Reflection


Toilet training is definitely an issue for many parents. Often, our children do not display the typical readiness signs. Also, they may have sensory issues (i.e. 417 more words


Signs. Signs, Everywhere Signs

Tesla is playing in my head as I tape signs around my house. It is a feeble attempt to free myself of frustration, and to guide my MIL in the right direction. 499 more words


"Handicare Pantlock" and Increasing Independence for Toileting

I recently had a patient with past history of a CVA from ~10+ years back, which resulted in right hemiparesis. She was referred to me for toilet training as she had multiple falls attempting to toilet herself. 320 more words

Adaptive Equipment

The Great Poop Hunt

Saturday morning unfortunately started at approximately 5:45am this morning.  Pop decided she was done sleeping and everyone else in the house should be done too.  A very exhausted husband and I started the morning routine and were quickly joined by the absent-minded 6 year old who never seems to remember to flush the toilet (it was discovered that it’s because school has automatic flushing toilets so he never has to flush there and the habit comes home.   327 more words