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Continence Issues

This week’s post has been inspired by a fairly innocuous seeming comment from a friend. He said, in reference to his newly adopted 2 year old, “he’s fully potty-trained now, day and night!”, with just the teeniest hint of competitive parenting lacing his voice. 1,614 more words


Burning Issues

It has now been four months since that monstrosity of a blister appeared on my left heel and I’m happy to say that the ‘kiwifruit’ has now shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. 758 more words



** This is an updated and expanded version of the article that was posted previously **

Toilet training is definitely an issue for many parents. Often, our children do not display the typical readiness signs. 366 more words


Toilet Guide: India

So, India is quite probably the most incredible country on our entire planet. Let’s hold that thought in our heads going forwards.

India is also quite an undertaking. 1,467 more words