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Australia's Golden Outback

The Murchison in Australia’s Golden Outback is an area I’ve been itching to explore for awhile now, so it was awesome to finally get the chance to drive out this way – during the wildflower season too! 115 more words


Classic Cruise In 2015

A car show is a great opportunity to practice your photography skills. There is a lot to shoot. Not only do you have dozens of beautiful, pristine and interesting cars on display, you also have a carnival midway atmosphere with tons of people milling about, largely oblivious to you and your camera. 296 more words

20th August 2015 - Island Escape in the Finnish Summer

We’ve been working and vacationing in Finland for the past month, and as we’ve been blessed with the amazing Finnish summer, we decided to head for the lakes!


Skywatch-Monsoon sky/ Bhangarh/ India's most haunted place


Some claim it to be Asia’s most haunted while others claim it as India’s most haunted!

It’s difficult to settle these claims….

This picture was clicked in… 135 more words

Friday Skywatch

Friends- Bhangarh

I found them seated right where the Bhangarh Fort ruins starts. Both were busy with their conversation and enjoying chillum.

What are you doing? (to the man) 193 more words

Around Jaipur

skywatch – morning/ The Sun

This picture was shot on Tokina 11-16mm lens from a hillock overlooking open fields outside the city on early morning.

In summer the Sun rises, pretty early.Its light is pretty strong and blinding ! 62 more words


Jaipur Architecture/ Design elements 1/ Kalki Temple

This is first to the series that I’m starting on Jaipur architecture and its design elements.

Featured here is the picture of Kalki Temple.

If you would like to read detailed post on Kalki Temple, you can visit detailed post featured earlier         Kalki Temple,Jaipur! …Unique Gem!