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Suddenly, we're all talking about smoking weed.....

I remember my first ever joint.  I don’t remember my first alcoholic drink.

What I also don’t remember is ever being told I couldn’t smoke weed. 1,133 more words

Thank Jah it's Friday.

Happy friday, ya’ll.

Semi-accurate depiction of my upcoming weekend.


Thoughts on Marijuana

Originally Written: Just now, in conversation

i don’t feel like i need it.

its like a dvd
i don’t NEED it, not even in an emotional way, but like, if someone offers it to me, then sure, i’ll watch it, why not, its entertaining. 174 more words

The Great Flotation Experiment, Part I

I have an appointment to go in a sensory deprivation tank Tuesday night. I wanted to go on Friday, but when I got to the sensory deprivation place the dude at the front desk told me that they were completely booked for the weekend, and that I would have to book an appointment. 227 more words


The pink lighter flicked to life, shooting yellow flame into the green and white and black smouldering roll between his fingers. Smoke rose out of it, just a little. 73 more words