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Tokyo snow mayhem

EN: I am not sure how well is this covered in Western media, but Tokyo is temporarily doomed because of snowstorm. This is highly unusual for this place, since most of the times snow falls and disappears in few hours, but this time it is much worse. 156 more words

Why do i write?

I’ve recently had a electricity blackout for about 7 hours. I got so bored i ended up reading some of my old dreams and thoughts. It was… cool. 248 more words

More bike trips

EN: Beautiful weather over here in Tokyo mixed with several days off I got granted from my boss resulted in so far 2 nice bike trips. 608 more words


Japan je zemlja koja se sastoji od cetiri glavna ostrva, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku i Hokkaido.

Samo 1% stanovnistva nisu Japanci.

Zbog nezgodnog geografskog polozaja, nalazi se na dve tektonske polce, u Japanu su zemljotresu cesta stvar te svako ima poseban sektor za evakuaciju. 22 more words