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Ultraman Ginga S Thoughts

Background Info: The only Ultraman knowledge I have is Ultraman Mebius/Moebius series/movie/gaiden, a Gaia movie, Mega Monster Battle & a few other Ultraman ones. I have very very basic knowledge of Ultraman Ginga series as I know that’s a bit different. 395 more words


Kamen Rider Wizard - 3 [Musings]

Just some musings on Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 3 overall:

  • Haruto sure isn’t shy about running after someone if they are in danger that’s for sure.
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Kamen Rider Fourze Icons [Set 1]

Worked on some Kamen Rider Fourze icons since I had some screencaps hanging around.
Doing another set since I have some requests from Tumblr.
Please don’t be scared to…
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Kamen Rider Fourze - 28

Starts off with what we already know & we see some growth. Oh and Gentaro learns a bit more about Ryuusei. Cancer really needs to know his place, cause he’s such a troll. 519 more words

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Dairanger 02

I was trying to get this all typed up for today but did not happen cause I had distractions I had to take care of the whole night after I finished episode 1. 625 more words

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Dairanger - 01

Seeing as how 2 awesome subb groups finished Gosei Sentai Dairanger I decided to give this a go while I wait for Go-Busters to air. 274 more words

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