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Everybody's Going Surfing, Surfing C-H-I-B-A Part 2: How Surfing Revived a Town

I’m not a surfer, but when I think of places to surf in Japan, I think of Shonan Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture, or the islands of Okinawa. 374 more words

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Everybody's Going Surfing, Surfing C-H-I-B-A Part 1: Proposed in 1912, Surfing Arrives at the Olympics in 2020

Surfing is coming to the Olympics in 2020.

But the seed of the idea of surfing as an Olympic sport was planted, apparently, in 1912 by the Johnny Appleseed of surfing, … 409 more words

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The Massive Urban Mines of Japan to Yield Olympic Medals for Tokyo 2020

It’s estimated that to make all of the gold, silver and bronze medals to provide to all the expected top three winners of all Olympic events, the manufacturer would need 9.6 kilograms of gold, 1,210 kilograms of silver, and another 700 kilograms of copper, which is the main component of bronze. 531 more words

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Making Opening Day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics a Public Holiday, in the Paradise of Public Holidays

In Japan, my birthday used to always be a national holiday.

Two years after the Tokyo Olympics staged their grand opening ceremony on October 10, 1964, the Japanese government declared 10/10 a national holiday. 468 more words

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Heatstroke Fears at the Tokyo 2020 Marathon

Imagine it’s Sunday, August 9, 2020, the final day of the Tokyo Olympics. The marathon has started, tens of thousands of people are lining the route, and the morning sun is radiating a furnace room of heat. 446 more words

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Bon Odori and the Revival of Tokyo Gourin Ondo in Shibuya

Over 30,000 people crowded the streets of Shibuya near the famous zebra scramble to dance on August 5, 2017.

Of that huge crowd, in one of Tokyo’s most popular shopping and entertainment centers, 30 members of the Tokyo 2020 team dressed in yukata and happi coats performed a dance that was popular over 53 years ago. 116 more words

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2020: Stay Tuned for Tokyo 2020's Closing Ceremony on the 75th Anniversary of the Nagasaki Bombing

One thing certain about the dates of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics: July 24 to August 9, 2020. It will be hot and muggy!

One less obvious thing recently occurred to me about the dates. 242 more words

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