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Escapee 337: Life on the run

After Penguin Number 337 made a daring bid for freedom from a Tokyo aquarium and vanished into the waters of Tokyo Bay two months ago, many feared the worst for the… 183 more words

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Escaped Penguin Looks Good

Authorities seem to agree that Penguin Number 337 looks to be in good health. As reported in the Penguin Post the other day the young fugitive penguin, was filmed this month near Tokyo Rainbow Bridge, Reuters reported. 105 more words

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Penguin #337 Still A Fugitive

It seems obvious by now that regular meals and the companionship of scores of other penguins just weren’t enough.  Penguin Number 337 ( it doesn’t have a real name) seems to have decided something was missing from life at a Tokyo aquarium when he (she) made a break for it last week. 447 more words

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Penguin On The Lam In Japan

The Penguin Post has learned that a young, one year-old penguin that got away from a Tokyo aquarium remains at large and was last seen swimming in a river not far from the facility. 211 more words

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