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Cosmetic Fair Tokyo Fashion - Street Style!

Hi guys, Cosmetic Fair has just started and I made two hairs for it!

Both Naoko and Mitsouko are rigged and come in regular & busty versions. 57 more words



Nếu bạn cần tìm cảm hứng nổi loạn, bất chấp những định kiến và thoát khỏi sự nhàm chán thường thấy trong những set đồ tối giản. 608 more words

Zuu Somaly

Furoshiki Shoes from Vibram designed to literally wrap around your feet are now available in new colo(u)rs!

Back in 2015 we wrote about these fresh newly designed sneakers from “five toe”sneaker maker Vibram and how we all would get rich shipping these shoes  to fashion keen, sports minded folks all over the world. 171 more words

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gothic rock, punk fashion brand Drug Honey opens shopping site.

Unisex Goth inspired fashion has been around for some time, but it always has had a certain target group, you are into goth or you aren’t….putting you in clear social box.   229 more words

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Kamenrider celebrates his 45th birthday in style.

We already wrote once before about  fashion icon Kamenrider Ghost and his cool outfits, well this time Bandai Fashion has raised the bar a notch by releasing the  exclusive… 477 more words

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