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Japan 2014

Petition to award every single eatery in Japan with 10 Michelin stars.

Japan 2014 - Yokohama

Yokohama and its cup noodles museum. Fun customising our own cup noodles but might not be worth the 3 hour train ride from Tokyo. Not a lot of other attractions apart from the typical shopping the the cup noodles museum. 7 more words

Japan 2014 - Disneyland!

Happiest place on Earth! In Japanese. Konnichi wa!

Japan 2014 - Tokyo, Mt Fuji

Mt. Fuji! It was a nice crisp Autumn day while we were on Mt. Fuji itself (well, the fifth station, not on the mountain peak). It was windy, heaps of clouds get blown past, you get like a few seconds of window between clear and cloudy. 69 more words

Doorbell Solicitors

Doorbell Solicitors. I hope this is what they are called. When I looked up “solicitors in Tokyo” I got a bunch of links for lawyers, so when I looked up the definition for “solicitor” it was explained as a lawyer. 1,596 more words


Tokyo Tower

The big red Eiffel Tower ripoff. It’s tall. We went up it.

As it was little G’s birthday, she got a free crepe. Woop! Afterward we strolled past… 27 more words