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Japan: Tokyo's Shibuya Crossing

By any measure, Tokyo is up there as one of the most populated cities in the world. There is no better proof of that than Shibuya Crossing in the early evening. 115 more words


Reason #66 to Keep Living: Discovery

When my employer first told me that I was going to be working and living in Tokyo, I believed that the monotony of my life — at least for the time being — was over. 362 more words


Tokyo, Japan

24th May, 2018

As soon as we stepped foot off the plane, we knew that Japan was going to be a huge contender for favourite country to date! 1,058 more words


Japan, Tokyo - Akihabara Electric Town

I read about the Akihabar area of Tokyo in one of the tourist brochures. This area of Tokyo can be found near the Akihabara station on the JR rail line. 212 more words


The Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Japan

The Robot Restaurant was something that I found on Trip Advisor and knew I had to check it out. My husband and I did an a la carte trip to Japan, which I will tell you is MUCH cheaper than doing a tour. 172 more words


Sushi in Tokyo

While in Tokyo we had dinner twice at a sushi place. Sushi in Japan is nothing like sushi in the U.S. When we arrived at the sushi place we were seated in front of a sushi chef who spoke little English, but it was not a problem. 166 more words


Tokyo 2018: Briefing

In this, the spring breeze,
I am becoming more whole.
New adventures grow

As I write this, I am in the room of a hotel in Los Angeles. 231 more words