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Highlights from my visit to Tokyo and Kyoto

This video showcases some of the pictures I took during my trip to Japan in 2012 and includes highlights from my visits to:

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Liburan ke Jepang : Tiket Transportasi selama di Osaka, Kyoto dan Tokyo

Hallo everyone! Melanjutkan post-an gue sebelumnya tentang Liburan di Jepang, kali ini gue mau berbagi informasi mengenai tiket transportasi yang gue gunakan selama di Osaka, Kyoto dan Tokyo. 1,167 more words


Liburan ke Jepang : Penginapan di Osaka, Kyoto dan Tokyo

Hallo everyone! Akhirnya setelah ditunda-tunda terus menerus, jadi juga beberapa tulisan tentang liburan gue ke Jepang hehehe. Pada post-an gue kali ini, mau berbagai informasi mengenai penginapan yang gue tempatin ketika liburan di Jepang. 891 more words



This Summer (2017), I was lucky enough to return to Tokyo, Japan. I got to spend time with my best friend, I got to study in my favourite city (at a university which shares my name, no less!!!), I got a taste of freedom… 44 more words


Fashion News: Model vs Brand

Last Friday, J-fashion twitter was alight with drama when Larme model Risa Nakamura pointed out the similarity of an image used in one of Ank Rouge’s latest onepiece to a picture of her from Halloween a few years back. 455 more words


Travel: Japan Summer Essentials

It really gets hot in Japan during the Summer season which happens from June to September. Temperature can get as high as 34C and as low as 21C. 289 more words


Travel: Tokyo, Japan 2017

Last July 18-27 I was in Tokyo, Japan together with my childhood friend and her family. It was a 10-day trip which enables us to go to some tourist spots, try their food, and experience a glimpse of Japanese culture. 983 more words