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Konnichiwa Japan

Japan. What an absolute rollercoaster of a journey.

I honestly don’t know how to express the experience that was my 2016 Shohoku College exchange trip. To start it off, I guess I would have to say that is was bloody hard. 886 more words


Keep it 💯

Haters gonna hate. They can’t stand it when you’re winning and getting the shine from your peers. All good.



akimoto kamakura

The second day with my foodie partner, we headed down to Kamakura for sightseeing and nama shirasu (raw whitebait). We boarded the train after a disappointing hotel breakfast and over an hour later, we were in Kamakura. 214 more words

Eating Out

The Perfect Quilter

If you’re perfect you will have re-arranged your sewing studio into the optimum ‘mission control for quilting’ by now. You will know where all your tools are and how to access them easily. 927 more words


Womens March Tokyo! | All the VLogs!

On January 20th, I took part in the solidarity march movement that’s taking place around the world. Women’s March Tokyo was the first one in that movement. 212 more words


One Day Trip From Tokyo: Ikebukuro Sunshine City

If you came to Tokyo and if it’s raining unfortunately, there’s something you can do still.
Yes, resting at a hotel room is good thing to do in a rainy day. 866 more words