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Genuine Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Genuine Louisiana Crawfish BoilđŸ”„đŸ”„ @kpalaniuk and I didn’t get to thank @jlmarinesystems @grossesavanne and the community of Toledo Bend who showed us some of the best food we have ever eaten and as always amazing hospitality! 17 more words


Weekend in Review 5/13

I recently wrote about the hidden beauty of Toledo Bend Lake. It is situated in a quaint Texas town that holds such a level of privacy and relaxation, it is almost imaginable. 45 more words

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Giving back on Toledo

Was great to be able to give something back to Toledo this week and help release thousands of Bass fingerlings back into the lake! We put them everywhere I fished on Friday so we know they won’t get eaten there for sure 😏 26 more words


Toledo Bend Hideaway

After my return from Haiti, I never gave myself time to unwind. I filled my spring break with many hours of work and stressing over how much school work I needed to catch up on without ever really doing it. 62 more words

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Heading West

On the Road with Don & Norma

It is the end of our first week on the road and it was been a transition for us. 846 more words