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Today, I am preaching tolerance, peace, and kindness.

In a time where we seem collectively embattled, fighting for an opinion rather than honoring the worthiness of its substance, I find myself longing for the presence of someone like Martin Luther King Jr. 779 more words

Following Babylon's Lead

How strange the country has gotten just since the 70’s, right?

Since then abortion has become normal (albeit not necessarily fully accepted, but unfortunately this form of murder has become an accepted as part of our culture). 306 more words


Donald Trump receives The Ellis Island Medal of Honor alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali for tolerance and diversity

A photograph shows Donald Trump standing alongside Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in the 1980s.

The Ellis Island Medals of Honor embody the spirit of America in their celebration of patriotism, …

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Privileged Ignorance & Harrassment

I am a privileged white male. As such I haven’t ever really suffered from discrimination or harassment. I have never been racially abused or been sexually discriminated against. 794 more words


Democrats now support refusing service to certain groups of people.

It has been reported that some food-service employees sympathetic with Black Lives Matter refuse service to law enforcement officers or spit in their food. Hillary-supporting entertainers refuse to perform for the Trumps. 277 more words


Love Is Still The Answer

I was nineteen years old that April when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died. I felt as though I myself had been attacked by a bullet when I heard the news of his assassination. 1,449 more words


Gravel > Let’s build a wall of diversity.

(ideas.) I was talking with a friend about the political power of intolerance the other day. She was making the case that our national election exposed the prejudice of a populace that, despite the label-makers, cannot be described simply as poor, white, rural Americans. 1,036 more words