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Life's Tests

I feel that maybe life is a test, we come here to achieve something, find ourselves, maybe remember who we are but we get caught up in life and forget our purpose. 151 more words

Prayer to the Fucker In the Sky

God don’t let me be a gay,
I swear I’ll play along and like women,
And never fuck dudes

You can’t be that vengeful,
Pastor Hibbert said Elton John would burn, 41 more words


Best Story Of The Week

 I’m in the 5 items or less check-out line at Whole Foods with a young kid around 20, in front of me, getting coffee and a muffin. 134 more words


white flags and civil wars

it’s only a matter of time
before the next city gets sacked

it could be yours whether or not
you like being alive or dead… 102 more words


The Tear Drop

If you insist, turn a deaf ear.
Tear thread by thread
cherished maxims from the cloak of civility.
Ye shall find a skeleton of pock marked bones… 181 more words


It takes faith to respect other faiths

When the doorbell rang, I have often felt like I should not have opened that door. Especially when Jehovah’s Witnesses are behind the door, giving me that fake grin. 84 more words


Sunshine & Smiles at "The Farm"

“I really shouldn’t tell you about this but…”  That’s when you know you’re about to get some juicy information. My coworker and I sat at the visitor center desk discussing everything from plants to the weather when I mentioned I was headed down to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch on my pinch of days off in the middle of the week. 2,237 more words