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Church Mess (1 of 2)

My brother sent me an article for my comments. It goes like this:

Recently, a problem arose in a Chinese church in Southern California that needs deep reflection and careful handling. 261 more words


Why Cruz and Trump are Dangerous.

Recently Cruz and Trump have been compared to Hitler, Is this a fair assessment, historically speaking. On some level that would be a big Yes. But you should also remember that a number of people from American history could also be compared to Hitler. 359 more words


Thinking About Life...

Thinking back on recent events and those not quite so recent, I can’t help but wonder just where we really are in the world today. Here in America where the almighty dollar dictates just about everything, we are sort of divided into three groups. 436 more words


Happy and Gay

Note: To follow-up a comment below, yesterday a man knocked on my door representing one of the many remaining Republican Presidential candidates. Armed with t-shirts, bumper stickers and a yard sign his opening line after introducing himself and the candidate he was supporting was, and I quote… 756 more words


Symbolic Interactionists

In earnest and awe we sat in the Chapel of Salvation

Five hours at a stretch listening to an oration

Intercepted passim with dance and ovation… 239 more words

Chapel Of Salvation


Today’s Reading: Colossians 3:12 Version ESV

If you are accustomed to say, “I cannot stand that person!” maybe you are suffering from an intolerance disorder. Be careful, because the feeling of intolerance is the result of a lack of love and ability to forgive. 171 more words

Daily Message

Sometimes men of God can choose better phraseology

8. A small Catholic university in Maryland is being accused of censorship over the firing of the campus newspaper’s faculty adviser. He edited a student article revealing harsh terms the university president used to push a plan to cull struggling students. 48 more words