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Awakening of conscience.

Whatever we do not tolerate, or find truly annoying or disruptive in others, is a mirror to ourselves, it speaks to our higher conscience, it tells us that we must adapt, tolerate, or just walk away.  516 more words

The Free Mind Of The God-man.

What About The Way I Drink (Take 2)

This is a reprint of an earlier post. It still works.

People sometimes have questions concerning their drinking patterns and whether they might constitute signs of alcoholism. 443 more words



We’re not so different.

What makes people different is their nature as individuals, not as people.

Peoples are essentially people ie. humans just like you and me. 736 more words


Love Vs. Tolerance

I love to love. The feeling I get when that deep seated emotion rises to the surface of my being and encapsulates me in its powerful, unharnessed wave, pulling me in and pushing me out. 760 more words


Better Angels

I’m not one to advocate fighting, especially among family and friends. A colleague once told me that I would probably be able to find something good about anyone, including Charles Manson. 1,140 more words


Quitting Coffee

“I fall asleep at night thinking about how happy I’ll be to wake up and have a cup of coffee,” my friend stated during brunch on Sunday. 596 more words

Tolerating the Intolerance

Over the last few months, I have been part of a group that provides a person with the ability to vent their emotions by speaking about them. 651 more words