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Sweet Peace, where dost thou dwell? I humbly crave,
Let me once know.
I sought thee in a secret cave,
And ask’d, if Peace were there, 235 more words

The less than friendly skies.

Most of us seem to be at a place where we can take flying for granted and thus be annoyed by the whole experience. I have not forgotten that it is basically a miracle that we are all hurtling through space, well above the safety of the earth in a glorified tin can, and I am grateful for the safe return to terra firma every time it happens. 802 more words


Teach Your Children Well

Teach Your Children Well      By: Gary Hays

As children mature, many parents are focused with teaching them to love everyone regardless of race, skin-tone, ethnic background, religion, language, and a vast myriad of other differences that make us as individual and as beautiful as we truly are. 415 more words


Positive Attitudes ≠ Tolerance

Here’s something that bugs me time and time again: positive attitudes are not the same as tolerance. In my case, I look at attitudes towards… 224 more words

Didier Ruedin


I made a huge aggressive (but needed) overhaul to the look and feel of the blog. Even if not tons and tons of people are going to be reading this, I think I still need some kind of site I can visually feel proud of (and/or tolerate). 66 more words


Foibles and Eccentricities and Contradictions.....Oh MY!

Almost every Barbie movie that I have seen boils down to one important lesson:  “Just be yourself.”

This is preached to my daughter and millions of other views through Barbie movies, Disney movies (even the non-princess ones), PBS kids shows, Nickelodeon shows, the old ABC after-school specials.   1,210 more words