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Cannabis and Dreams: Halting Long-Term Use Can Lead to One Strange Side Effect - Leafly

If you’ve ever taken a hiatus from your regular cannabis routine, you may have noticed one strange side effect once your eyes close for the night: your dreams change. 15 more words



I love music. However, I have never been one to remember who sang what or remember the titles to all the songs I like.  When I hear music that sways me and speaks to me, I know I l appreciate it, and it makes me feel good.   2,086 more words

Privilege Check

I have barely written anything this month. Mostly because I don’t like to fruitlessly complain. It is one thing to talk about something that bothers you, when you have some sort of course of action to resolve the issue. 1,917 more words

NBA Tells North Carolina, Changes to LGBT Law HB2 Aren't Enough - NBC News

The NBA, seeking to exert more influence in North Carolina’s LGBT debate, told state lawmakers that revisions to its controversial anti-discrimination

Source: NBA Tells North Carolina Changes to LGBT Law HB2 Aren’t Enough – NBC News… 247 more words


Haiku Friday

In an attempt to articulate all the emotions that are charging through me right now, I have decided a Haiku will be my vehicle to simply state my thoughts. 18 more words


Free to Be... You and Me

Back in the seventies, even with the looming nuclear threat of the Cold War, the world seemed a more positive place than it is today. It was also a time when girls wore all colors of the rainbow as opposed to the ubiquitous Disney princess pink. 84 more words


What is True?

Sometimes, when I hear
another story about
the atrocities committed
due to disagreements about
what is true
I wonder if I am simply dreaming.
How can this be? 116 more words