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Those who demand tolerance are the most intolerant people in the world and the greatest hypocrites.


Practising Tolerance

In this chaotic, volatile world, it is easy t o be angry. It is easy to feel ignored, drowned out, worried, worked up, depressed, disappointed, nervous, and unfortunately common–hateful. 987 more words


Exposing Lies, and Totalitarianism

Rather than a regular blog this week, I’m going to encourage you to watch the following two, very brief videos. One is by Theresa Ng of Parents for Choice in Education. 206 more words

Free Tea in the South

Human freedom is not freedom from conditions,
but freedom to take a stand and to face whatever conditions
might confront ” ~ Viktor Frankl… 439 more words


Inclusivity as a Safe Space

By Wafa Hozien, Ph.D. Senior Contributor EducationViews.org

Recent Education Headlines read like this:

The Incident

Dealing with race and bias incidents

Nooses and Swastikas

Looking back at 2017 schools have seen an  974 more words


Agression Vs. Toleranse And Peace

Hello, my name is Eli, you probably heard about me here and there. I am usually the type who will open the door to a Jehova’s witness and hear what he has to say. 725 more words



I am not wholly Agile.  If I were, then I would be unaffected by adversity.  I would traverse life oblivious to the bitter sentiment, to the pangs of jealousy, to the claws of hate.   144 more words