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The Gift of Patience

Patience. It’s something I have been thinking about a great deal, especially this time of year when there are extra things that need to get done for the holidays on top of my usual responsibilities. 826 more words

Taming the Beast

Worry is common to all humans. We think about things that concern us, sometimes mulling over solutions in our heads. Worry can a positive motivator that helps us to do things well, but it can also become so unleashed that we find ourselves in a state of anxiety that interferes with our ability to perform even routine tasks. 1,049 more words


Theodore Dalrymple: "a reputation for intolerance"

“Where a reputation for intolerance is more feared than a reputation for vice itself, all manner of evil may be expected to flourish.”

Theodore Dalrymple

Politics/Current Events

True Love

True love is not a business
True love has no expectations
True love shares and gives
True love exudes the fragrance of the heart
True love unites, embraces… 45 more words


Are Leftists Champions of Tolerance?

People of all political backgrounds find that polarization is exhausting and stressful. The Pew Research Center found, “more than one-third of social media users are worn out by the amount of political content they encounter, and more than half describe their online interactions with those they disagree with politically as stressful and frustrating” … 527 more words


Quiet Dignity

I suppose that many of us long for an ideal society in which we all get along and work together side by side for the common good. 1,033 more words


Any Situation In


Modern quantum physics are
Not from magic very far
What you see and what I see
Could not much more different be
Though we’re looking at the same… 259 more words