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Perspective: World International Day Of Tolerance | Oladejo Haneef Olalekan

As we commemorate the International Day of Tolerance, we should bear in mind that everyone deserves our respect irrespective of the differences that we have. 494 more words


Build each other up..

My 5 yr old came home this week telling me how it’s important to build each other up and be kind. It was the cutest thing and it really touched my heart. 870 more words


Intolerant Me

We have now, as a culture, reached a place where words in common usage have undergone an Orwellian transmutation. I realize that this is not a new phenomenon and that what I’m going to write about is not revelatory, but I thought that in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season I would try to see things in more understanding light.* 1,057 more words


Imagine there’s a heaven:
A place disposed to all,
Irrespective of each calling,
Each epiphany, each fall.
The ways we tear ourselves apart
By race, by colour, creed- 175 more words

Drug Induced Psychosis

I’m kneeling down in a dried up creek bed. I’m at Ironwood National Forest. The area above the creek bed slopes upward and is dense with trees.  1,873 more words


Tolerance or Battle?

I wonder what the world would be like if we all practiced complete tolerance, non-violence, and full faith in God? That is not to say that we would not witness to people of other faiths, of course. 881 more words


We Too Care!

Yes, we too care, as you all do!
Our ways are little coarse though,
They don’t soothe as yours do!

Yes, we too cry, as you all do! 59 more words