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I had no choice (but to become a warrior)!

“You have no faith, none! You don’t know our Holy Bible, you’re immature, selfish and self-centered! And not even now, in our last days…because, hear me out, these are the last days…so, not even now, you’re not willing to repent! 580 more words


Credibility Issues, But Still a Good Message

I agree completely with what’s said in the message below, and hope the charming, considerate people I often meet — but don’t know very well — agree, too. 177 more words

About tolerance

The article in Extra Newsfeed is a must read in this day and age, especially given the current situation in the US. While not all of my friends agree (here’s looking at you, Alain!), I do believe that most people hold back from a reaction for fear of condemnation … for fear of not being “good” or “nice” … 114 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

The Door of No Return-Island of Goree, Senegal

I was recently in Senegal for a very short visit. It was my gateway back home from an adventure to western Africa. What a breath of fresh air it was landing in Dakar, Senegal coming from a difficult yet adventurous 3-weeks in Mauritania. 335 more words


Should we tolerate intolerance?

Tolerance is a social norm of modern life. At its height of participation, tolerance maximizes our ability to live together, while its absence or even opposition creates divisiveness and isolation. 309 more words


The Council: Eclipse And Your Collective Field

The Council: Eclipse And Your Collective Field

In “three” days, there will be a total solar eclipse, the path of which will pass across the whole of the 48 contiguous states on the North American continent. 603 more words

We need this book

What I didn’t tell you about in my blog posts about the ALA conference, was how delightful it was to meet Katherine Applegate.

When I descended the stairs to the room where the MacMillan dinner was being hosted, she was the only person there. 263 more words

Middle Fiction