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Eroded, Eclipsed and Liquidated!

“God is Being Eroded, Eclipsed, Liquidated” in the United States, Cardinal Says

Robert Sarah warned against a ‘demonic’ threat to American society and encouraged prayer. … 219 more words


Living In A World With Made Up Memories

As a child I was in a serious accident (motor vehicle vs. pedestrian, I was the pedestrian).  Among multiple physical injuries I suffered, was a head injury resulting from my head impacting and shattering the windshield of the car and then slamming on the pavement when the impact sent my body flying through the air. 468 more words


Filler or Dipper?

As an elementary teacher, I feel it is necessary for me to “build up” my students so they are confident learners. However, I think it is also necessary for my students to build up each other. 327 more words


Just a Thought... The "That's How I Am"Lie

“Right track baby I was born this way,” she sings (Born This Way).  “I was born like this,” Min says (I Remember You, ep. 14). “That’s just how I am.” The current flows–“deal with it, because I have.” No! 371 more words

Life And Love And Happiness

3 Things I Really Dislike About Aging

I’ve been sick. Sick of being sick as a matter of fact.

The change of seasons on Delmarva not only wreak havoc of my furkids, but on my hubs and me as well. 553 more words



We, humanity, need to exercise patience, and understanding with each other in order to form a better union.

Leaning on your own understanding will cause you to render harm to yourself, and others. 27 more words


I was both bullied and have, at times, been a terrible bully myself. You probably were too.  To be demeaned, ridiculed, dismissed, mocked — it’s a terrible feeling, isn’t it?  1,762 more words