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Tools for being human, part two: People watching

The old man is initially defined by the curve of his spine. He’s bent almost double by some malady, and I feel the warm prickling of guilt as I watch him roll one sleeve up, and look over his shoulder. 1,331 more words


The Emerging Love/Hate Messaging of a Trump America

As the tide of what seems like a never-ending slew of stories of both love and hate flood and saturate our media sources post-election it has become ever important to look past established narratives into further truth. 282 more words


Do You Really Want a NEW Year? I Do. Many don't.

Okay, I’ve got your attention by putting a Taylor Swift picture above this blog post. And yes, I know that Christmas isn’t even here yet so maybe you’re probably wondering why I’m already looking at January 1 and beyond. 375 more words

A Voice

Differences exist, everywhere.  I personally have this weird aversion to tomatoes; it’s not that I dislike them, it’s more that I don’t like them mixed with certain things…..and those things are usually where tomatoes are usually found.   936 more words


This Morning's Prayer

So the hate train has pulled into the station and its occupants are poised to be in power for a minute. Those of us being hated feel some modicum of fear. 259 more words

General Musings

Abusing your tolerance

There are four standard ways of turning a tolerant person’s tolerance against them. This is how they are presented:

Method 1) You have to tolerate my intolerance or your tolerance is a lie. 590 more words

The Quiet Revolution