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Some songs conflict with changing times...

Songs that were popular hits in the past now conflict with updated mores. Not that the subjects of the indicated issues were ever acceptable, but that perhaps because of better news coverage today than why back when resulting in greater exposure and less tolerance. 286 more words

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Hurt Feelings & Missing Freedom

I’m back from my little trip. Back home from Edinburgh. The day I woke up at 4am to go back was a sad one. I wanted to stay, because I knew as soon as I’m back I’ll me misgendered again. 436 more words


SJWs logic'd

Tolerance is not a negative. It’s a neutral, unlike “acceptance” which the progressives are now requiring over and above tolerance.

What happened to tolerance that made it evil? 362 more words


Free Speech?

We don’t have freedom of speech in Canada.

Sure, it is protected as a fundamental right under Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: The section affirms that everyone has the following freedoms: conscience and religion, thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media, peaceful assembly and association. 333 more words

Free Speech

Firing Adjunct Professors

Adjunct professors at both the University of Delaware and Essex County College in Newark, NJ have been fired.  Delaware fired (it says here that she will not be rehired and that makes more sense) Katherine Dettwyler  for her comments about Otto Warmbier on Facebook and in the comment section of David French NRO article on the Left’s hate as shown toward Otto and others.   413 more words

Free Speech

Human parrot

Human parrot?

Do we learn something
To understand it?
Or do we only learn
To parrot something?…

DidiArtist, 23.12.2016


Another Example of the Silent Civil War

Chalk this DailyCaller.com story up to yet another example of liberal hate. Not the “I strongly disagree” type of hate, but the “I want you to die” sort of hate. 147 more words