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Things Will Only Get Better

It has been a week and a bit since the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage was passed. A fellow friend asked that we just call it ‘marriage’. 417 more words


A Slice of Tolerance

In recent weeks two stories in America dominated the headlines. At first they might seem unrelated, but closer examination reveals a few philosophical connections. The two topics of which I speak are the controversy over the Confederate flag and the Supreme Court ruling about marriage equality. 873 more words

Social Commentary

We're All the Same

My sort of still boyfriend, or whatever he is, was mortified I was going to visit a friend in the Bronx tonight. It’s an all-black part of town or something. 1,026 more words

4574 Years and Counting

ISIS: Destroying Egypt’s Sphinx, Pyramids Is ‘Religious Duty’

by Jordan Schachtel3 Jul 2015 Via Breitbart

Will they stand the test of time?

(Unthinkable. – LS) 308 more words

ISIS ISIL Whatever

David Montaigne reblogged this and commented:

Let's not tolerate the existence of things that existed before Islam which might suggest that greatness and knowledge existed long ago - before Mohammad

When Climbing Into Someone Else's Skin Just Isn't Enough

It doesn’t take much effort anymore to find out other people’s thoughts on current issues. Really, it doesn’t take much effort anymore to find out people’s thoughts about anything, including how a person “literally peed his pants because his roommate literally tripped down the literal stairs and fell on his all too literal face.” But, of course, this is all just a metaphor for ease of access and the sharing of too much information. 781 more words

The Church and Marraige

On Marriage: To the Church, with Love

It occurred to me recently that I present my blog as a culturally involved blog, and I have not been culturally involved much at all recently. 531 more words