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Politically Incorrect

I was just reading today about how the internet allows us to form insular bubbles of media and people that appeal to us. It’s confirmation bias and there’s fear that it leads to increasing political polarization. 895 more words

PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide) Noryl EN-265 Round Rod, Opaque Black, Standard Tolerance, ASTM D4349 PPE220 Round Rod, Opaque Black, 3/8" Diameter, 12" Length

The opaque black PPO Noryl EN-265 round rod has a standard tolerance and meets American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM D4349 PPE220 specifications. Modified PPO (polyphenylene oxide) Noryl EN265 is a strong, rigid plastic that offers excellent electrical and thermal properties as well as excellent dimensional stability, due in part to its very low moisture absorption.



What is the Place for Religion Within Education? Outside of all management.

Many may remember the education scandal associated with Operation Trojan Horse in 2014. A letter was given to the authorities which purported to be evidence of a plot by hard-line Islamists to replace leadership in Birmingham schools with a high proportion of attendees from Muslim backgrounds, in order to instil a much more religiously conservative ethos and curricula. 565 more words


Opinions are fine

When I was younger and just beginning to take more of an interest in things like politics, religion and justice, I used to really enjoy putting my thoughts and ideas down in the form of poetry. 216 more words

Truth About Tolerance and Intolerance

Intolerance is not allowing someone to have a differing point of view. Intolerance is keeping someone from voicing a different opinion than yours. Conversely tolerance is allowing someone else freedom of view and perspective. 217 more words


The WCOID - Day 12, On Baby Dolls and Changing Times

The Writing Challenge Of Indeterminate Duration – Day 12
The toy you most treasured.

I still have the first toy I ever got. I don’t remember much about getting it because I had just been born that morning and was more concerned with why I was no longer in the warm, floaty place and the manner by which I’d been extracted. 918 more words