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Time flies when you are having fun

Our son (10): ‘Mama, what is a ‘gramophone’?

Me: ‘Walter, it was similar to a record player, and…’

Walter: ‘A recordwhat?’

Our daughter (13): ‘Thanks, Mama, I’ll take over from here, if I may. 75 more words


But a Wish

If humanity would seek to change

How we treat a fellow person

Our perceptions we must rearrange

Or the divide may well worsen

We, in life, can ill afford… 142 more words


Bridging the Gaps

I’m a sucker for those little quizzes that so often appear on Facebook. I know that they are about as silly as seeking the advice of a fortune teller but I take them nonetheless, mostly when waiting to see my dentist or or just before I begin a new chore. 886 more words


Necessary and Unnecessary Offense

Should Christians embrace the labels homophobic, sexist, bigot, intolerant, etc. as a necessary offense of carrying the gospel and biblical sexual ethic? It will be helpful to consider the difference between necessary offense and unnecessary offense. 280 more words


Privacy at its best

Train ride home (Brussels -> Antwerp).

Getting friendly.


Is tolerance enough?

This Saturday was International Day for Tolerance, dedicated by the United Nations. So, let’s talk tolerance, shall we? 741 more words


Patrick Altes - Tolerance

This new exhibition by Patrick Altes, a leading light in the emerging French-Algerian art movement, is something of a ‘cri de coeur’. As the title spells out, each work, be it digital print, painting, sculpture or installation, engenders a plea for understanding in a world beset by seemingly insoluble problems and dissension.   855 more words