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Fear of Online Backlash...

Freedom of speech? No so sure about that one anymore. I am finding Social Media increasingly threatening and unpleasant in that respect – and am sure I am not alone. 1,098 more words

Creative Writing

Say "No" To Me

My Stud Muffin is amazing and kind. He always tries his best to please and appease me, even at the cost of his own energy… … 221 more words


First Sign of a Storm


Tolerance of others is silent criticism.

Tolerance of one’s own tendency to be critical of others is much more difficult. 48 more words


Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Fails Civics

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Fails Civics

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan[1] has released advertising for a demonstration he has organized (to support President Trump on May 31). 341 more words

Society And Civilization

Coexist. Failure is not an option

So in January, we bought a new car for me (an automatic! The Netjeru be praised!). My husband took over my old one, with the Tolerance bumper sticker. 123 more words


Sick of terrorism, Copts convert to Islam to experience its peace

In the wake of the latest terrorist attack on Egyptian Copts, where gunmen stopped their vehicle, ordered them out, and executed them on site, dozens of Copts have converted to Islam hoping to experience the Islamic peacefulness and tolerance they have always heard about but never witnessed. 132 more words

Frustrations And Disappointments

On a serious note

Last Sunday I was privileged to hear a very special person, Arek Hersch, speaking about his life and his experiences as a Jewish boy during the second world war. 321 more words