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Human parrot

Do we learn something
To understand?
Or do we only learn
To parrot something?…

DidiArtist, 23.12.2016


Acceptance and respect

Easy it is to critisize
But difficult it is
To think oneself into situations
Not belonging to us

We do not live
With decisions
Another person… 38 more words


Reading Response - Rhetoric and Competition by Linda Hutcheon

In this journal article from 2003, Hutcheon attempts to illuminate the state of competition in modern academic discourse, and what actions academics should be taking henceforth to create a more collaborative and tolerant community. 593 more words

Study: sex-reassignment surgery does not improve mental health of transgender people

I found this peer-reviewed PLOS study while reading an article from CNS News.

The study takes a look at sex-reassigned people in pro-LGBT Sweden, between 1973 and 2003. 619 more words


The Two Sides To Every Story

There are two sides to every story.  I’ll never forget sitting in a courtroom as juror in a civil case and hearing the plaintiff’s lawyer get up and make his opening statements.  834 more words