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Gandalf Said it Best When He Said:

I think Gandalf said it best in the LOTR movie when he said,

“Run! You fools!”

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The Grand Journey Home – The Shire to Enedwaith

This is what happened when a bunch of hobbits decide to visit their cousins in Gloomglens, Enedwaith. More info about the Grand Journey Home can be found at  56 more words


Confession #7: Sometimes I Write in a Made-Up Alphabet

Following the slightly-depressing posts of the past few days, I figured I’d focus on something a little bit more humorous. And this confession of mine begins with a well-known author. 546 more words

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☼ Gems 1.32 ☼

I hope you’re having a beautiful day.  ♡

The 1st Annual KindSpring Eowyn Challenge

The Eowyn Challenge on Facebook (a safe and secret group) 27 more words



While we ache and long for certainty – often out of a fear of the unknown & desire for security – perhaps to wander holds significance. 27 more words

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My Tolkien Library Group Shot

I’ve added one more volume since I took this picture (Sauron Defeated) and now only lack War of the Jewels to have a complete (U.S.) set of the HoME.