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Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Review

Upon its announcement, Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor aroused a considerable amount of suspicion from hardcore Tolkien fans. Disregarding certain elements of lore, opting to feature very few characters from the beloved book series and introducing new protagonists and antagonists, you would be forgiven for expecting the game’s release with nothing more than a slight degree of cautious optimism. 874 more words

Our New Vice President!

Meet the Board Week continues here on our Grey Havens Group blog. Today, we would like to introduce the remarkable Ivona Elenton who is serving as our Vice President and has served Grey Havens Group in capacities both creative and tedious, always stepping in to help where she is needed and to bring insight and humor… 118 more words


Ever On?

Dear Readers,

As always, welcome!

We’ve spent a good amount of postings talking about the narrative methods of The Lord of the Rings, and now we’d like to add to that, song. 894 more words


Top 5 Wednesdays ~ Favorite Cities

It’s finally September!~ Let’s get excited!

This month we are starting with the top of top favorite cities. This is a little on the harder side since most of the books I read don’t appear in fictional cities, and if they do they take place in entire worlds. 43 more words


The Silmarillion Recap: Enter Tar-Pharazôn (Or Big Trouble on the Little Island)

Want to catch up on The Silmarillion so far? Check out the Silmarillion Recaps page here.

Last week, Tar-Palantir (née Inziladûn) became the King of Númenor and tried to make amends for the horrible acts of his forefathers. 389 more words


thoughts | 2

1. Fall is coming. Maybe not weather-wise, at least not here in Florida – it won’t get below 80 until December (we are currently stuck in the 90s.. 408 more words


The Hobbit: Book Rating

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

Ages: 0-1,000

I love really good opening lines that grab you and make you become part of the story.  The Hobbit 110% does that with “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”  It goes on to describe a hobbit-hole as a place of comfort, immediately drawing you in.  80 more words

Favorite Books