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Contest: Unicorn Power

It’s that time again – time for a new contest! From my various photos here and on The Grey Company podcast Facebook page, many readers may notice that I enjoy using some rather “unique” card sleeves. 340 more words

Lord Of The Rings LCG

In Honor of Tolkien Reading Day Tomorrow

A Good Book

A friend to hold for when the heart feels still

For your woes and pains and sorrows and ills-

A renegade story to keep as your own… 215 more words

Peter Jackson anouncing the 72-part movie series of SILMARILLION!!!!!

“The eye of the timber” revealed that in a press conference that Peter Jackson is preparing a new movie series of the Silmarilion. This new series wasn’t unexpected after the 2 greatest movie series of all time.

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Meet our Real Myth Art Exhibit Curator

Donna Clement in Her Own Words: 

“I have been very fortunate to be able to work in the field of art my entire career. I earned my BFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and my MA at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. 285 more words


Blessed Are They That Mourn: Stratford Caldecott and Tradition

Hilaire Belloc calls the dons that taught him at Oxford «The horizon of my memories— / Like large and comfortable trees.» I can apply that expression to the friends of my parents whom I knew as a small child. 2,069 more words

The Dove

David Russell Mosley reblogged this on Letters from the Edge of Elfland and commented:

Stratford Caldecott, a man I never had the pleasure of meeting in this life, has had a profound effect on my life, devotion, theology, understanding of education, and more. This excellent post on his final book, Not as the World Gives, written by someone who knew him personally, is a source of both joy and sadness for me. I can only join the ranks of those who mourn, as Stratford himself understood them, Blessed are they that mourn: "that is, those who remember the dead, and who remain faithful to tradition" (Not as the World Gives, 13). Read this, and be moved, read more Stratford Caldecott, and let him move you to greater devotion for our Holy Lord.

Afternoon Tea: 7 Hobbit Meals in 7 Days (SXSW Video Challenge)

Tolkien started The Hobbit with a joke about High Tea versus Low Tea. If you ask me, no matter what it’s called, you can’t go wrong with a steaming mug of hot leaf water served alongside small, sugary carbohydrates. 147 more words


copyright or copywrong?

I created the above meme using the website addtext.com. The picture was inspired from an example given in our week 3 lecture, when our lecturer told us that while Tolkien is dead, and has been for 44 years, his work “The Lord of The Rings” will be not be in the public domain until 2043,72 years after his death. 232 more words