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Top 5 Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books

The previous post illustrated my favourite books from over the years. This one is going to examine my favourite world-building delights.

1. The Time Machine  666 more words


Surging Against the Shadow

In many respects, the Heirs of Numenor box was where difficulty in this game first went crazy. The sudden introduction of battle and siege turned a lot of received wisdom on its head about how your decks needed to be built, and some of the difficulty ratings were frankly comic (just remember that into Ithilien is officially a 4/10 difficulty!) the specific concern here though, is with Surge, and how frequent it is. 345 more words

The Ace Tolkiens, 1965

Interesting take on Ace Paperbacks and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  1965.  Not sure what I think of the take on Treebeard.  And, notice the final comment (post-article) about anti-Catholicism.

ace tolkiens 1965

Tolkien's Will, 1974

Interesting but short look at Tolkien’s estate, several months after his death.

Tolkiens Will 1974