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Guy Gavriel Kay, Tigana (1990)

A successful lawyer, a philosophy student who helped Christopher Tolkien in The Silmarillion edits, a reasonably well-known author of award-winning fantasy novels, Kay is a veritable… 997 more words


"Thy Beauty Calms the Storm"

Lord Osse and Lady Uinen from Tolkien’s “Silmarillion”. I really love this couple. Lord Osse’s crown was difficult, but I like the coral effect.


Tolkien's 'Leaf by Niggle' Comes to Macrobert's Stage

Richard Medrington creatively explored Tolkien’s short story, Leaf by Niggle, at the Macrobert Arts Centre. Directed by Andy Cannon, the theatre event was closely connected to the Tolkien Trust, the Edinburgh Festival Theatre and Creative Scotland. 830 more words

Caroline Malcolm

Blind Guardian's 'Nightfall in Middle-earth'

Blind Guardian is a band I loved as a middle schooler and haven’t listened to in ages. I decided to do a YouTube search for them, and “Nightfall in Middle-earth” was the first album that showed up. 380 more words

Album Reviews

April 30: Evenstar

This laughter is unquenchable. I don’t know what is being read–none of us do. It’s ridiculous, and wild, and purple as the sunsets back home, in the gloaming after the red has faded and all that is left is deepening into the blue-black of star-filled summer and the crickets sing and the moon has not yet risen. 802 more words


Last But Not Least: Day Fifteen

I’m wearing a T-shirt that says Buy Me Some Peanuts And Crackerjacks. We’re walking along the moat and we find the ruins of a cathedral. I think I like ruined cathedrals much better because you can actually see the sky, and maybe god sits up there in the clouds or maybe he doesn’t, but the sky is so big and vast and full of wonder that it makes me feel tiny and giddy with joy to be alive. 54 more words


World War I Trenches - Diorama

Here goes another diorama video by the name of “Good Luck Lads!”.

This was made a few years ago and the connection with Tolkien is only too obvious. 33 more words