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Tolkien Mailing: What Have I Got In My Pocket Letter?

What’s the best way to shake yourself out of a creative mail slump? Pick your favorite author and go to town with themed literary letters! 296 more words


TWT: My new favourite character

My favourite LOTR character has been Aragorn ever since I was twelve and had a crush on him. I never thought that would change (and he’s still my favourite movie character), but I have a new favourite from the books. 182 more words

Tuesdays With Tolkien

My Thoughts on The Lord of the Rings Culture as a Tolkien Fan

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book of all time. I became enamoured with Tolkien’s Legendarium after having read The Hobbit and then the three volumes of The Lord of the Rings when I was thirteen. 2,668 more words

The Hobbit- A Discussion about Prequels and Book to Movie Adaptations.

I am currently about two-thirds of the way through “The Hobbit”. Having watched the movies first (which is always a mistake, I know), I can’t help but notice how different the movies and the book are. 323 more words


Pauper of the Rings

The a/c saga continues.

Unlike Tolkien, however, the author of this saga has yet to include one hot hobbit or sexy elf in this tale. 30 more words


All Shall Be Well

Whenever I’m asked, “Why read Hopkins?” I have no clue how to answer. I stumble through something about his view of language with his elaborate internal rhymes and chiming of words influenced by Welsh poetry. 625 more words