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Summer 2019 TBR List

It’s that exciting time of year again: Time for a summer to-read list! Thanks to my current in-between state of having just graduated undergrad but not yet started law school, I have an entire Glorious Summer of Reading for Fun ahead of me, which I haven’t had in years.  554 more words


Tolkien ticket office: How a lot has Tolkien biopic made?

Tolkienis a 2019 American biographical dramatization movie concerning the very early life of The Lord of the Rings as well as The Hobbit writer John Ronald ReuelTolkien The biopic was launched in movie theaters in the UK on May 3 as well as on May 10 in the United States. 9 more words



A gilded cage, shiny and beautiful from the outside, the bars golden and the roof made of coloured crystal, brilliant to watch and yet a lie in disguise. 462 more words

Alex Rambles

Druidry 201, and Spiritual Dryness

So you’ve made your way as a solitary practitioner, to the point where you know your land, the compass directions you salute, the spirits you greet and work with, the seasons, sun and moon, and the local weather-signs that signal storm or heat or simply change. 1,240 more words


Movie reviews by Tolkien scholars and fans

The Tolkien biopic has been in limited release for several weeks now, and assessments have appeared in many of the usual places by professional movie reviewers. 1,188 more words


A Thought on Music & Middle Earth

The other day I was on my way to a doctor appointment in the middle of the day. On the way, I flipped on some Vivaldi to listen to. 273 more words

LotRFI Pt.57--Bilbo

Bilbo served as a vital link between H and LotR for me in my first reading. I loved Bilbo’s character in H and was curious to see what would happen to him in this new tale. 421 more words