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Word Crush Monday: Tolkien

I’m writing now to take a break from knitting. In the last hour I’ve mucked up the hat I was working on – a misadventure in decreasing – and found a pattern for fingerless gloves. 63 more words


Of the Coming of Men

In the days of old there were three houses. The Noldor, disciples of glory and doom: it is their story we hear, for it is thanks to them there are stories. 709 more words

I Don’t Know Half Of You Half As Well As I Should Like…

I shall not keep you long — I have called you all together for a Purpose. Indeed, for Three Purposes!  First of all, to tell you that I am immensely fond of you all, and that one year is too short a time to podcast among such excellent and admirable listeners! 1,097 more words


The One Ring - €1177-3107,28

Most of you people must have read the famous books of JRR Tolkien called Lord of the Rings, about some small folk trying to deliver a cute little Ring to a pit of smoking lava, and some lazy eagles. 80 more words


Farrago February 17, 2017

I have reached by slow stages Weathertop, though it is not yet night.

Having long ago concluded that neither major candidate was fit for any office whatsoever, I’m sort of enjoying the spectacle that President Trump is generating around him. 343 more words


whatcha reading?

I dreamt that someone dared me to follow them as they grabbed a killer whale’s fin and dove into the dark, cold depths of the ocean. 351 more words


Middle Earth March Picture Challenge

Attention, Attention Hobbits and Elves !!!

Are you ready? Because:

May I present to you the daily picture challenges for Middle Earth March on Instagram?!: 31 more words