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USA Toll Booth Problems

Have you ever forget to bring spare change for toll booths? Did you start to panic and worry about what was going to happen? We certainly did. 452 more words



I completed my taxes this week.  No, I don’t feel patriotic.  Thankfully, I’ll get a refund this year.

Am I being hypocritical by working in the public sector and then denouncing taxes?   313 more words



Doesn’t it often happen to you that you forget your best-friend’s name? Not usually, but it’s sort of silly when it does. We were on our way to the beach, and from there we had to proceed to a client meeting in Palo Alto, the next day. 379 more words

Update on Toll Booth Removal in Decatur NE

The contractor hired to remove the toll booth in Decatur NE has been called to another job, delaying the removal of the toll booth until the week of November 23rd. 59 more words


pay it forward .... it'll brighten someones heart

My job in NY includes what all NY-ers are all to familiar with ….. tolls. Being a southerner it’s new for me and staying in the woods I don’t often use these highways and inevitable tolls. 137 more words

About Me

You Gota Pay the Toll

Summer of 2009 had its positives and negatives.  One of my best public places was in that summer.  I was dating Jerry at the time.  He worked on the toll road in the toll booth control room.   412 more words