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Woman Who Hasn’t Visited Bay Area In 15 Years Forced To Fight 55 Toll Tickets For Bridges She Didn't Drive Over

It’s annoying when you receive a ticket for something you never did, but you know what’s even more annoying? Getting 55 tickets in a year for that thing you never did. 558 more words


Dimitris and I recently made a trip to Orlando to visit friends, one of whom was celebrating her 70th birthday. We had been invited to stay overnight in the home of another friend. 204 more words

You'll Have To Sign Up For DRPA Bridge Toll Discounts

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — The Delaware River Port Authority is coming through on a promise to give drivers who use their four bridges a lot a break on tolls. 209 more words


Transportation leaders considering more tolls on local crossings

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Local transportation leaders discussed Thursday the possibility of putting up more tolls at crossings across Hampton Roads.

The Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission has cited nine locations for new road projects, including the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, The Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and the High Rise Bridge. 237 more words



I understand there is a thoroughfare in Sydney, a road, a brief stretch of vehicular track upon which, if one chooses to travel along… 863 more words


How to fix Translink's broken governance

The need for this article, right now, is almost purely academic. The ruling BC Liberals seem immune to widespread obloquy over not one but a series of scandals any one of which might have brought other kinds of government down. 1,862 more words