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9 Things To Consider Against The Pats

By Cory Mageors | @inthemageors

I’m not scared of the Patriots.

I’m disappointed that this team isn’t going to be at full strength. In a perfect scenario, if the Cowboys had Romo and Dez I had them at 4-0 coming into this game. 1,578 more words


Colts Fans Think It's A Good Idea To Fly A #DeflateThisBrady Blimp Over Lucas Oil Stadium, For Some Reason [VIDEO]

BOSTON (CBS) — Do Colts fans even realize their team even lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game? Let alone got blown off the field? 605 more words


Forget The Gisele Comments -- Greg Hardy Joking About The Past Year Is The Real Problem

BOSTON (CBS) — One of the more annoying trends in this era of social media is the rush for many voices to condemn a person or an act when a situation is so plain to see. 826 more words


Jerry Jones Tried To Explain Greg Hardy's Controversial Comments, And It Was Awkward

The NFL’s domestic violence issues remain at the forefront of the league’s public image. Its handling of player misconduct is porous across the board, but especially so when it comes to players and their acts of aggression or violence off the field. 275 more words


Back To The Future: Can New England Really Go Undefeated (Again)?

If the slate of NFL games last weekend seems perhaps a tad more competitive than usual, that’s because the New England Patriots had their bye, so there was no sanctioned opportunity for them to pummel some outmatched opponent into a fine mist.  1,384 more words


Anonymous AFC owner: DeflateGate "mountain out of a mole hill"

As expected, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t really expound on the league’s appeal of the overturned DeflateGate suspension of Tom Brady.

But it sounds like his bosses are as tired of the story as many others. 95 more words

Rumor Mill

Tom Brady on Greg Hardy's ridiculous comments about his wife: 'I'm focused on my job'

Tom Brady refuses to sink as low as Greg Hardy.

When asked about the Cowboys’ defensive end’s comments about his wife, Brady said he was just staying focused on football. 202 more words