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Week 7 NFL Game Picks

The fun part about following the NFL is picking the potential winning teams from week-to-week.  The following are my week 7 picks:

Thursday, October 19… 422 more words

How Diminished Ratings in the NFL is Effecting Ads

Hello everyone, today we will be talking about the drop in ratings during NFL games and how it has an effect on advertisers. The ratings have been falling since the protests and other bad publicity, but that won’t be our main focus for today. 597 more words

Adam Romano

The 2017 NFL: Bringing Back Parity

Which NFL teams are good this year? I was going to do another power rankings, but I could make a case for about 12 teams to be in the top-5, and only the Chiefs and Eagles came to mind when I questioned which teams absolutely deserved top-5 status. 1,361 more words


Bill Belichick Shut Down Tom Brady's Bro Hug Attempt

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The Patriots (and refs) did juuuuuuust enough on Sunday to win their fourth game of the season over the Jets. Not exactly the greatest win in the world since everyone thought the Jets were going to be racking up Ls this season, but a win nonetheless. 79 more words


NFL 2017 - Week 7 Predictions

A moment of silence, for the Green Bay Packers’ season… 999 more words


Readjusting Expectations for the New England Patriots (or are we?)

Two weeks ago, New England Patriots fans held their collective breath as Jameis Winston led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense down the field to the 20 yard line before he incompleted a pass to O.J. 1,056 more words


Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had the world's most awkward handshake

Remember back in the 2013-14 season when Tom Brady had problems high fiving (or not high fiving) his teammates?

Apparently those problems have now grown into whether or not to go in for the handshake or hug with his coach. 177 more words