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Sense Makes None: Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t get me wrong; I love this game.

But just about nothing about R6:S makes sense, and I find that really funny.

First, let’s start with the setting itself. 762 more words

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You Can Get the Original Splinter Cell for Free

Do you remember the days when Ubisoft made interesting games? Do you miss the days before dead relatives and radio towers became synonymous with the French developer and publisher? 82 more words


The Division: The Sound of the Undergrind

The Underground Operations and Ranks are a large part of The Divison: Underground Expansion (Go figure) and getting those ranks is of great importance if you want to buy pre-built high gear score weapons/blueprints. 464 more words

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I'm Addict... I'm Addicted to You, Rainbow 6 Siege

My name is Rebecca, and I’m addicted to Rainbow 6 Siege. I don’t care because it is so much fun! I have reveled in high kill-counts and I have come close to throwing my controller at my TV in fit of rage. 641 more words


Disregarding the Oracles

I love science fiction. As early as the 1800s, science fiction authors were predicting today’s everyday things like motion-sensing doors and credit cards. Pretty commonplace by today’s standards, but imagine how out-of-this-world it must have seemed when Jules Verne described his “phonotelephote” which allowed “the transmission of images by means of sensitive mirrors connected by wires”. 370 more words