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Find An Old Friend!

Never let anyone tell you, that you can’t find great deals at the library. I just did. I had this collection of books long ago, but one move set everything out of whack and I loss my collection. 349 more words


Locked On (a book review)

I’ve been a Clancy fanboy since I read Patriot Games back in high school. The “real-world” adventures of Jack Ryan seemed to stand above more generic thriller fare. 657 more words


Games to Look Out For in 2017

It’s going to be a new year for gaming as 2017 promises to be push the boundaries. The Eight-Generation consoles have set their foundation while gaming has entered into the era of VR and… 560 more words


Taking Cover 101

The best way to stay healthy and apply damage to your opponents is to make use of cover in a smart way. Being able to apply damage for a longer amount of time allows you to reduce incoming damage. 781 more words

Wooderon Most Disappointing Games of 2016

Like last year, I need to end a 10 day series of celebration by complaining about something. However good the games of 2016 were, there were still some big old stinkers. 1,587 more words


High End Sniper build (SOLO PVE)

This first post is on request as many people always ask me how i build my Sniper set. I decided to stop explaining myself many a times over to each person who askes and write a post about it. 529 more words

Review: Tom Clancy's Op-Center. State of Siege

15 libros (so far) conforman la serie Op Center creada por Tom Clancy y Steve Pieczenik.

Únicamente el concepto corresponde a la creación de Clancy y Pieczenik. 53 more words

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